Sony Pres. Predicts 150% Blu-ray Sales Increase in 2009

"Lets not forget The Dark Knight, ready to steamroll over all previous Blu-ray records when it officially goes on sale tonight at midnight at Best Buy and other participating retailers. We predict many PS3 owners will make their first ever Blu-ray purchase with The Dark Knight."

With February and March 2009 already looking far fuller than the same months in 2008 in terms of software, maybe that 150% growth prediction will come in low."

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Chris Hansen3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Because he's not a hero..
He's a silent guardian; a watchful protector...
A Dark Knight

elorm93604d ago

Was that from the movie?

Aside from that, I think that getting 150% increase in sales is really ambitious.

TheHater3604d ago

yeah that was from the movie

Kain813604d ago

iam the vengeance
Iam the darkness


cayal3604d ago

Man, I can't wait for TDK blu-ray. I hope they release it today instead of tomorrow.

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butterfinger3604d ago

I do know that I will be getting The Dark Knight on blu ray at midnight tonight at Blockbuster:P I also know that I pre-ordered the last blu ray they had available, so maybe that is a good thing?

pupu3604d ago

HD DVD CONFIRMED to beat blu-gay!!!1

Shane Kim3604d ago

Hahahah :D, this one will be a classic.

SONYSLAVE3604d ago

oh nice way of showing off your other account.

what a geek you are for giving all the attention you give PP

lamigol3604d ago

Already got my copy, its a fantastic example of how much better blu ray is than standard dvd. The quality is fantastic, an awesome showpiece and an excellent film as well. They need to put this onto 50" SONY t.v's in stores. It will convince people that this is the future.

resistance1003604d ago

They already have done in some Sony Centre stores. I noticed that in the window of the one in wycombe, they were showing TDK on blu-ray.

ElementX3604d ago

I only have a 34" tv until next year when I get a 47" hopefully. I'm buying Dark Knight as my first bluray

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