Halo Infinite - Tech Preview Overview

“Halo Infinite’s very first tech preview is just around the corner. It’s a moment we’ve been building up to for quite some time – and, we’re thrilled that so many of you are excited to dive in and check out what we’ve been hard at work on.

Bearing in mind that the upcoming tech preview is truly a work-in-progress test, we want to make sure that you have all the information on hand so that you know when and what you are playing, where to deliver feedback, and everything in between.” writes 343 Industries.

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4Sh0w59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Maaan that customization looks sweet! So many nice new details, game overall looks much better..note the close up detail even on the walls too. Im pretty excited Infinite multiplayer is gonna be alot of fun!

Noskypeno58d ago

The only improvements in the graphical department I can see that needs improvement is the background detail, like the trees and grass in the background are missing lighting and texture, which is not unexpected for a competitive shooter that's more focused on performance than details that only digital foundry really look for, but everything inside the playing area looks good, the lighting and textures look as good as any other cross gen game, if you told me it has ray tracing now I wouldn't question it.

russo12158d ago

From a graphical standpoint it sucks, i.e. sub-par for a next gen title, but it seems fun.

DazaMc59d ago

I can't wait to see Craig.

DJStotty59d ago

I've heard he is a changed man these days.

Darkborn59d ago

Probably deleted him to not show him again.

Obscure_Observer59d ago

"I've heard he is a changed man these days."

Yeah, a family man. XD

IRetrouk59d ago

Be trying this today once it goes live, should be fun.

StoneyYoshi58d ago

I can't log into my halo insider account to see if i got selected. They said emails may have not been sent out but if you have a message in the waypoint account then you have access to the flight. :( hope they fix that soon. The site must be getting pounded right now.

IRetrouk58d ago

I still aint received my instruction yet, and yeah the waypoint website is on and off for me too.

alb189959d ago

Looking real good, I'm excited.