Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X Review - The World In Even More Hands

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that you have to play to understand just how incredible of an experience it is.

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iplay1up2670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

Fantastic in game detail! I am having a blast with this. Can't wait for the Top Gun DLC.

Locutus_of_borg670d ago

It’s a really refreshing change from the normal games I play , quite therapeutic, set a flight line, power down the engine and fly over parts of the world at 300 foot ..
there are a few places that are lacking a lot of detail for obvious reasons like Area 51 , some of the German beach fortifications on Normandy beach are showing up as houses , and there was also a van parked outside my house on the day the photography was done and it’s also showing up as a house in the middle of the road , but it’s all good, I’m loving it …

King_Noctis670d ago

Yeah paid reviews by MS. Who would want to play this dumb game right? MS haz no gaem.


NeoGamer232670d ago (Edited 670d ago )


Sony releases something different like Dreams.... Wow, what innovation!

Microsoft releases something different with Flight Simulator.... MS haz no gaem.

Seriously. This may not be a game subject area you are interested in, so the big question I would have is why bother commenting? Personally, I spent a few hours on PC with it, and it was kind of cool. Not something I will play hundreds of hours, but definitely something I will come back to from time to time for something different then action-adventures, shooters, twin stick shooters, and RPGs.

yeahokwhatever669d ago

Neo, "I spent a few hours on PC with it, and it was kind of cool." is exactly why giving this kind-of-game-like-software a 10/10 is silly. It's pretty much how I feel about it. I was super hyped, bought it, played for a few hours, got incredibly bored. I loaded it up sporadically a few more times, each time having a little less fun. I eventually removed it from my computer because it wasn't worth it. "10/10"? No. THAT is LOL.

yeahokwhatever669d ago

I got this game day 0 on PC. Its not THAT great. It's OK, but the building generation is often hilarious/bad. It's also hugely inconsistent graphically, which is sort of jarring at times. I appreciate what they did, but its not somehow a perfect game, in fact it legitimately feels like 90% tech demo and 10% game at best. (im fine with that, i upgraded to 32gb of ram just for this game). Also, after you fly around all of the places you know, the fun sort of ends. I still come back occasionally, but meh.

slowgamer670d ago

A case of love it or hate it. In my case when I tried it on pc it takes a bit too much consentration and learning to actually have quick fun. Also can't really keep over 100 gig game in a hard drive to just fly couple times a week somewhere for a moment. Not for me.

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slowgamer670d ago

Seems that project wingman which came to gamepass PC today is more up my alley

Om4ever670d ago

I played it but after a few hours I get bored

670d ago
NeoGamer232670d ago

To me, this is a diversity game. There aren't necessarily millions that want to play it, but there is a crowd, and on consoles you can only play it on one console.

Returnal is much the same. It isn't a massive crowd, but if you wanna play a rogue-like game, you can't get that on XB Series as next gen title yet.

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