Microsoft Flight Simulator Xbox Series X Review - The World In Even More Hands

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a game that you have to play to understand just how incredible of an experience it is.

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iplay1up259d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Fantastic in game detail! I am having a blast with this. Can't wait for the Top Gun DLC.

Locutus_of_borg59d ago

It’s a really refreshing change from the normal games I play , quite therapeutic, set a flight line, power down the engine and fly over parts of the world at 300 foot ..
there are a few places that are lacking a lot of detail for obvious reasons like Area 51 , some of the German beach fortifications on Normandy beach are showing up as houses , and there was also a van parked outside my house on the day the photography was done and it’s also showing up as a house in the middle of the road , but it’s all good, I’m loving it …

King_Noctis59d ago

Yeah paid reviews by MS. Who would want to play this dumb game right? MS haz no gaem.


NeoGamer23259d ago (Edited 59d ago )


Sony releases something different like Dreams.... Wow, what innovation!

Microsoft releases something different with Flight Simulator.... MS haz no gaem.

Seriously. This may not be a game subject area you are interested in, so the big question I would have is why bother commenting? Personally, I spent a few hours on PC with it, and it was kind of cool. Not something I will play hundreds of hours, but definitely something I will come back to from time to time for something different then action-adventures, shooters, twin stick shooters, and RPGs.

yeahokwhatever58d ago

Neo, "I spent a few hours on PC with it, and it was kind of cool." is exactly why giving this kind-of-game-like-software a 10/10 is silly. It's pretty much how I feel about it. I was super hyped, bought it, played for a few hours, got incredibly bored. I loaded it up sporadically a few more times, each time having a little less fun. I eventually removed it from my computer because it wasn't worth it. "10/10"? No. THAT is LOL.

yeahokwhatever58d ago

I got this game day 0 on PC. Its not THAT great. It's OK, but the building generation is often hilarious/bad. It's also hugely inconsistent graphically, which is sort of jarring at times. I appreciate what they did, but its not somehow a perfect game, in fact it legitimately feels like 90% tech demo and 10% game at best. (im fine with that, i upgraded to 32gb of ram just for this game). Also, after you fly around all of the places you know, the fun sort of ends. I still come back occasionally, but meh.

slowgamer59d ago

A case of love it or hate it. In my case when I tried it on pc it takes a bit too much consentration and learning to actually have quick fun. Also can't really keep over 100 gig game in a hard drive to just fly couple times a week somewhere for a moment. Not for me.

Activision59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

You do realise Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Base game is 42.4 GB on Xbox Series? You can install the Offline mode for 59.7GB, making it 102.1GB. It's optional.

slowgamer59d ago

No. That's a lot better but still doesn't change my opinion to any degree.

Father__Merrin59d ago

I thought the whole thing was over 100gb I didn't see any option to uninstall an offline mode.

Activision59d ago (Edited 59d ago )


You can uninstall the Offline pack 59.7GB in Manage Games and Addons on Xbox Series.

There should be 2 files, base game and offline pack.

slowgamer59d ago

Seems that project wingman which came to gamepass PC today is more up my alley

Om4ever59d ago

I played it but after a few hours I get bored

59d ago
NeoGamer23259d ago

To me, this is a diversity game. There aren't necessarily millions that want to play it, but there is a crowd, and on consoles you can only play it on one console.

Returnal is much the same. It isn't a massive crowd, but if you wanna play a rogue-like game, you can't get that on XB Series as next gen title yet.

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