F1 2021 - PS5 Review - PlayStation Country

Michael Kitchin writes, "It hasn't moved far visually from last year's effort but the package F1 2021 is offering is substantial. Braking Point provides a daft narrative diversion that might offer new players a gateway into the sport. For the rest of us, career mode remains largely the same with plenty of time to be spent chasing the front of the grid. The handling feels consistent and the racing is compelling, although the AI does seem to lack a little pace. The DualSense offers some welcome additional feedback, although I did find initially the adaptive triggers off-putting."

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whitbyfox61d ago

It’s so cool flying over the various F1 courses in Flight Simulator.

MikePSC61d ago

Yep. Especially if they've still got some of the old layout like the Red Bull Ring.