Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Now Available on Mobile and Steam

The first half of the big collection is finally available for purchase.

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CrimsonWing6958d ago

I can’t fathom why this isn’t available on console.

Vits58d ago

It is really bizarre. Even if they are targeting the Asian market with this release where consoles are not that popular. Not porting to those devices feels like a waste.

andy8558d ago

I love Square Enix games but they are money grabbing so much. It's obvious they will put these on console but they're delaying it in the hopes people double dip 😂 that's without saying they've ported 30 year old games that don't look any better, are missing content on earlier versions and are priced at a premium.

Double_O_Revan58d ago

WTF?! FF1 & 2 are $11.99 each and 3 is $17.99 on Android. Even at remasters, that seems very high for 30+ year old games.

DarthMarvin58d ago

Yeah, it's pretty ridiculous, but that's SquareEnix in a nutshell.

curtain_swoosh58d ago

definitely holding off until they are on consoles.
not sure what they were thinking not putting them on consoles like.

slowgamer58d ago

Crazy prices. Bundle of them all retro games are freaking 75 euros. I don't know how much work they did but surely not that much.

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