Activision Blizzard Confirms World Of Warcraft's Former Creative Director Was Fired For Misconduct

Afrasiabi quietly left the company last year, with no official statement from Activision Blizzard.

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Michiel1989674d ago

so the name of the npc will only be changed if blizzard gets caught, as long as they arent apprently they are fine having the name of a sexual harasser in their game. funny how that works.

Darkborn674d ago

I really hope this shakes up not only Activision, but ubisoft as well. They've been not doing shit for too long for some of the same accusations. EA is next, they already are hated universally.

Michiel1989674d ago

its sad that even needs to be said, but yeah. it seems the gaming industry as a whole should take a hard look at themselves. Especially from the big companies we start to hear more and more of this.

TheDoomedGuy670d ago


You really think its only the gaming industry. The movie industry is even worse. Small companies can be guilty of the same but they fly under the radar. This type of stuff and other things as well happen absolutely everywhere.