New boss fight gameplay revealed in exclusive trailers for 'Contra Returns'

A pair of trailers for the latest entry in the "Contra" franchise are debuting exclusively at Newsweek, showcasing two of the game's most formidable boss fights.

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staticall58d ago

This looks much worse than the worst poop you've ever taken. And i'm not joking, sadly.

This is a Contra RPG-lite with auto-aim, life bars, damage meters and mandatory arenas (and probably microtransaction too). Just..ugh...

Einhander197157d ago

Yes an embarrassment to the franchise yet again. Luckily I have all the Best Contra games on my arcade cab thankfully. This just proves what the games industry is today. No interest in the past, just microtransaction, loot box, multi player, open world crap. So many great franchises that could be reanimated, but devs are to scared to take risks.