The Most Bizarre Boss Fights In Gaming

Unlike the hordes of disposable, faceless minions players cut down in the thousands, bosses are challenging milestones. Moreover, they are designed to be memorable fights that stick in gamers' minds. However, difficulty plays only one part of the equation that engrains them in gamer memory. Presentation is just as important, and nothing attracts audiences as much as the strange and bizarre.

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P_Bomb59d ago

Gotta give a shout out to The End in MGS3. You could set your console’s clock ahead and kill him of old age lol!

Orchard59d ago

+1 The End was a great boss fight.

Orchard59d ago

Kojima is the king of bizarre boss fights. Psycho Mantis with his controller tricks & memory card reading blew my mind as a kid.

elfintman59d ago

The Slot Machine in Star Fox is a major trip, brings back so many memories sinking countless hours finding all the secrets in the game.

XboxCore59d ago

Star Fox took over a large % of neurons in my brain for a solid period of time as a kid lol

matthook59d ago

Oh man, this list brings me back!!