PlayStation 5 Production Is Faster Than Ever Before According To PlayStation CEO

PlayStation 5 units are being made faster than ever before. However, the demand is a challenge for Sony to meet.

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waverider60d ago

They arent able to build more then 200k ish a week. Even after 8 months after the launch. What i would like to know is how many would they be able to make monthly without Covid and the problems to get chips?

russo12159d ago

It means when people are able to get one, probably the system is already more than one year's old. I don't know how much time this generation will last, but time flies and no consoles at sight.

acustomer59d ago

Don’t worry, there are no next gen games at the moment either :)

russo12159d ago


Could you please tell us the characteristics that define a next gen game?

seanpitt2359d ago

I would say without any restriction they would be able to make 1.5m consoles a month so more than half of what they are currently doing.

SullysCigar59d ago

This is welcome news, but I bet they'll be hard to get for the rest of the year unless you're informed and bloody quick to act.

CorndogBurglar59d ago

Which is basically how it's been since launch. I don't blame Sony or MS at all for this. But man it's really sucked.

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Gamist2dot059d ago

I would rather hear increase in production than faster. Here's hoping faster does not mean decrease in quality control.

JTShiny59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

True dat. I don't want to see problems like PS3 Yellow Light of Death and the 360s infamous red ring of death.

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