ZTGD Review: Prince of Persia

ZTGD: A rugged thief traipsing through the desert in search of his gold carrying donkey is not exactly the opening scenario you would expect from a top-tier title, but that is inherently part of Prince of Persia's charm. The latest chapter in Ubisoft's long-running action platformer brings a more lighthearted approach to the series with luxuriant, colorful visuals and a brand new partner system that changes the very dynamic of the gameplay. These changes are indicative of the direction that the developers are taking the series and fans of past games (given they can accept a few changes to the formula) will find a lot to love about the Prince's new direction.

+ Gorgeous art style
+ Flawless control scheme
+ Fantastic voice action and dialogue
+ Simple and addictive gameplay
- Combat takes time to adjust to
- Gameplay is truly one dimensional

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