Sony Confirms Nixxes Purchase Will Aid Future PC Ports

Sony has confirmed its acquisition of Nixxes is designed to enable further ports of PlayStation titles to PC.

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PrinceOfAnger55d ago

Cool, sony can release ps4 games on pc ,earn more money and work on new projects for ps5

SullysCigar55d ago

This, but watch the usual suspects insist Sony are going full Microsoft and releasing all their games day one one PC lol

They're gaining interest in their platform by releasing older titles once sales dwindle and to build anticipation for sequels on PS5, which is awesome in my book.

Imalwaysright55d ago

"to build anticipation for sequels on PS5, which is awesome in my book."

If that's what they're doing why would they acquire a studio that focuses on PC ports? To shut it down 5 years after acquiring it? Also, if that's indeed what they're doing then the people at Sony don't understand PC gamers at all and are just wasting their time and money.

lonewolf1055d ago

And watch the usual suspects play it down.

StoneyYoshi55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

"If that's what they're doing why would they acquire a studio that focuses on PC ports? To shut it down 5 years after acquiring it?"

How did you come up with that? This is to offload the work to port it from the main devs so they can have all hands on deck with the new games they are working on. Until now, Guerilla, Kojima, and Bend had to port their games to PC themselves. There would be no reason to shut down the studio after 5 years if they are going to continue doing this which is why they purchased the studio. Im sure eventually future PS5 games will be ported to PC after a few years being only on PS5. By that time, direct storage will be a normal feature that should help keep the same experience as PS5 with the SSD speeds.

Im pretty confident that Sony knows more about what they are doing than you do.

Imalwaysright55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


Maybe I misunderstood what @ SullysCigar meant. He said "gaining interest in their platform" wich I understood as Sony releasing the sequels of those older games only on the PS5 and if PC gamers wanted to play them then they would have to buy a PS5. If that's Sony strategy then they don't understand PC gamers at all and they would have a studio that would become irrelevant 5 years after they acquired it.

"Im pretty confident that Sony knows more about what they are doing than you do" Come back to me when Sony announces its strategy going forward and I share my thoughts on it. You see, in case you didn't notice I replied to an user that apparently knows Sony's strategy.

Elda55d ago

Agreed. Sony wants its consoles to sell as well. Imo Sony will put their AAA exclusives on the console first & once sales dwindle then put them on PC. Their smaller titles they may possibly put on consoles & PC on the same date.

neutralgamer199255d ago


What do you mean they don't understand PC gamers? because this makes total sense release the game on PlayStation 5 then wait 2-3 years and release it ok PC. TBH with you I am fine if it comes day one because those who play on consoles will always play on consoles. I could see them holding back their big games for a while before pc release but other titles I could see coming to PC sooner

Sayai jin55d ago

Other gamers being to play PS stellar catalogue of games is great!

_Decadent_Descent55d ago

Perhaps, but once they get a real addiction for the money they're making on PC, they may be much more inclined to release newer games (PS5) long before they are deemed 'old'. I imagine they make more selling software on a platform they don't have to sell you than on one they lose money on selling you, even despite them making more per game selling them in their own store. Idk for sure though.

fr0sty55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I wouldn't care if they did go day one on PC, I, as well as millions of other gamers, do not want a PC as my primary gaming platform. I enjoy a small, easy to use console that has the primary purpose of gaming, not having to mess with operating systems, driver updates, etc.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy playing PC games, but I do that on my PC, not my main TV. If I want to count pixels or get slightly more FPS, I'll buy the PC version. Either way, Sony gets their money and more games get developed as a result.

Tedakin55d ago

You don't know what Sony's plan is. They could very well releasing games day 1. "We are also happy with our efforts to provide our IP to PCs, although it is still in its infancy, and we look forward to working with Nixxes to help with that." Nothing suggests this isn't their plan.

Kryptix155d ago

Nixxes ported games for PC that were simultaneously released with their console counterparts.

So if this means PS5 games will end up on PC at the same time or just a year apart then this is gonna be dope.

jukins55d ago

You really act as if its impossible for sony to change strides and indeed offer day 1 on pc. Obviously its not going to happen with this current momentum but theres always a chance something comes and disrupts everything.

TheRealTedCruz55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Why can't Sony fans just admit and acknowledge what's so obvious to many?

More and more Sony titles will be coming to PC, and with shorter windows.

Before, it was "only the odd game that didn't sell well will come to PC. Sony won't be pushing into the PC market, they only care about their console".

Now that it's obvious that's not the case, we shift to "This is a great move by Sony. It only makes sense. Sell old games to PC players, and it will fund an infinite number of new titles, and every PC gamer will spend hundreds of dollars on the hardware to play a dozen or so exclusives over the span of a generation...."

Then buy them again on PC ... which is the only thing that could possibly make sense for that sort of narrative to work ....

Face it; there's money to be had in the PC market. The big 3 make most of their money selling games. Not the consoles themselves. Sony wants that PC market, and they're showing all the early signs of going hard into it.

spwittbold55d ago

Imagine having a name "I'mAlwaysRight" and then making statements that could only come from a functionally deficient brain.

Imalwaysright54d ago (Edited 54d ago )


Coming from the guy that desperately wants to counter what I said but isn't able to do so because you don't have 1/3 of the intelligence necessary to come up with an argument so you to resort to personal attacks that don't say anything at all to make yourself feel better about your stupidity but hey do reply to me again when you're able express a coherent thought to counter what I said will you? Take as much time as you need.

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RaidenBlack55d ago

... and what if they suddenly release a PS5 exclusive to PC, next year?
Like they did with Horizon Zero Dawn, out of nowhere. And the sudden Nixxes acquisition.
Just asking, nothing more.
Nobody knows for sure what they are planning. Its all speculations and assumptions.

kayoss55d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn was a PS4 game.

ocelot0755d ago

Then Sony will be seen as liars. They go on and on about the amazing SSD and how titles such as ratchet and clank is only possible on ps5.

So if for example ratchet and clank appears next year. Then surely only people with fast enough m.2 drives will be able to play it witch is not many. If Sony some how magically get it running on slow hard drives or slow SSD's they will be seen as liars and deservedly so.

Angrymorgan55d ago

If they started doing that, it would convince me to get a pc..they'd have to do a gamepass like service because it would hinder hardware sales if you could play day 1 exclusive on pc.

Lightning7755d ago

It's already said that Sony won't release their games day and date on PC simultaneously alongside PS5. Personally, I think they'll release their games 6 months after the PS5 version. Sell the console and games mainly on PS5 get bulk of the sales on there and make additional sales on PC 6 months later. Extending the legs of the games further by expanding the audience.

JackBNimble55d ago


If you truly believe that R&C could only run on ps5 because of the magic ssd ... well I'll just say that's wrong.

This has already been debunked from a dev ,I'm not 100% sure it was a dev that worked on the game , but a dev none the less.

I guarentee Nixxes will be porting ps5 games and I'll bet R&C will be one of the first.

Eonjay55d ago

Don't matter. It's still prohibitively expensive and impossible to build a computer with the same power as a PS5 for 499 let alone 399. I'm actually more excited about the opportunity to play some of these PlayStation games on the Steam Deck!

Vengeance113855d ago

Horizon Zero Dawn is a 4yr old game, how is that "out of nowhere, within 1 yr" ??? Who was honestly still buying HZD that hasn't already played it on console?

Amplitude55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


There are already games that require an SSD on PC. Heck, Metro Exodus Enhanced requires it AND you can't run it unless you have an RTX card. Even the new WoW expansion requires an SSD

I assure you, almost all PC gamers looking to play PS5 quality games on their rigs already have an M2 drive lol

Giblet_Head55d ago (Edited 55d ago )


Metro Exodus Enhanced doesn't require an SSD, it's just recommended for load times. Also Blizzard retracted requiring one for Shadowlands back in September of last year.

Vegamyster55d ago


Sony said the PS3 would be capable of doing 120 fps and Mark Cerny said the PS4 had "supercharged PC architecture" with others like Avalanche/Epic games calling it a high end PC. It's all marketing, if you can get a level like A Crack in the Slab from Dishonored 2 which renders two levels at the same time or the time travel mission from Titanfall 2 running on regular slow HDD's then i'm sure Ratchet and Clank can run just fine on a SSD.

Fluke_Skywalker55d ago

@Ocelot07 They could easily make R&C on PC the only difference is that it would be twice the size it is on PS5 since they would have to have the assets on multiple locations on the normal SSD's. When Sony say something is only possible on PS5, what they really mean is "its only possible do it the way we've done it on PS5." Everything is possible it just takes more work. But I don't think R&C will be heading to PC any time soon it doesn't seem to me like the sort of game Sony would port to PC anyway though I'd happily be proved wrong.

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strifeblade55d ago

Guess you don't need PlayStation for exclusives anymore.

Atticus_finch55d ago

But Ps still has countless of exclusives.
Guess you're wrong.

Fluke_Skywalker55d ago

Well they'll still be timed exclusives, and I imagine some games will be staying console exclusive. But at the end of the day Sony have always said they make more money from software sales than hardware. So really what reason do they have to not put all their games into more customers hands.

Thundercat7754d ago

Except that you are wrong. Sony will not put their new exclusives day one on PC. That's official.

strifeblade54d ago

@ thunder cat

They are essentially times exclusives and will go to PC where they will look and perform better.

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TheFallen132755d ago

nice,you work at sony dawg?:)

Aarontk55d ago

It’s like they say, the best way to play all games is an Xbox and a PC.

RaidenBlack55d ago

Did I miss the sarcasm?
The best way to play ALL games is PC and a PS5.
If you've got a PC, why get an Xbox?

mkis00754d ago

you may want to look at what you typed... pc is an xbox in case you forgot .

itsmebryan55d ago

Is that what you think? I think they need someone to port PS4 and PS5 games to PC more quickly. Has Sony said they are only porting PS4 games? Do you have a link?

spwittbold55d ago

It's so funny how many people here are such fanboys of one console or another that they clearly dislike consumer choice. olololol

TheEroica54d ago

My steam deck is gonna play all the Playstation games!

itsmebryan54d ago

This is what Sony says about the purchase and nowhere does it say what you said.
Gamesradar: Sony clarifies that Nixxes acquisition will "help with" porting its games to PC.

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HankHill55d ago

Exclusives being ported to PC are a good thing now? Some of the uber fanboys on here said it was bad when Xbox exclusives were ported to PC.

jznrpg55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Not to me they aren’t . PS4 games don’t bother me as much but I don’t like it necessarily and the only reason I don’t like it because they lessen the need for a console . If it’s only select games that’s fine I guess but to release their entire library makes the console basically useless and I will build a PC if that day ever comes . I like consoles and how they work , the controller , the portability , the lack of updating drivers and malware protection and all of the stuff you need to do to keep a PC healthy but
If all of their games are on PC I will Crossover someday . If the better experience is on a high end PC I will go that route . I don’t want that to happen as I like consoles and collecting games for them . It’s not a good thing if they release all of their games day one on PC . It’s only select games now but if they f around too much they are going to hurt their console business .

JackBNimble55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

How would that hurt Sony when most of their revenue comes from software?

It sounds to me that you're more worried about ps5 numbers , how can they sell 1mill ps5 if you can play their games on pc ?

You fanboys need to get over yourselves, gamers care about games not consoles.

TheDibbler55d ago

Why do you not like the concept of lessening the need for a console? I would love this as it reduces the number of devices needed to play games….thus making it cheaper with a unified platform. Being against this is just nonsense. You are literally wanting Sony to make you spend more money. I wish all I needed was a PC. Sony should release all games on PC day one. They could make their own PC storefront so they retain all the money from the sale and still produce the console for people that do not want a gaming PC. It would be a win win for everyone.

Atticus_finch55d ago

How is selling years old games at full price to fund more exclusives for PS5 a bad thing. It's not.

HankHill55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

I never said it was a bad thing. I asked a simple question and gave a reason for my question.

ReadyPlayer2255d ago

People like you are clueless if you think it'll be"old games" forever. Consoles are specialized AMD gaming machines. There's no blast processing, ESRAM, cell processors to account for. Porting to PC this gen is much easier.

I don't have to say it, Sony already did. They got a 250% ROI on HZD. Most PC gamers don't give a **** about console. All they see is $$$

Concertoine54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I love the goalpost moving.

1. Xbox has no exclusives because theyre on PC.

Sony starts to port its games to PC and is actively acquiring studios to expedite that process turns that into:

2. Well, PC revenue will pay for more “exclusives” on PS.

I remember when all these PS owners had a PC to play all the Xbox games. I wonder where they went.

Hate to break it to you buddy, but theyre not exclusives if they aren’t exclusive. Theyre timed exclusives. Also, the revenue argument has been the same stuff that Xbox players have been saying since MS took this initiative c. 2015.

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_Decadent_Descent55d ago

"Exclusives being ported to PC are a good thing now?"

When was it ever not?

"Some of the uber fanboys on here said it was bad when Xbox exclusives were ported to PC."

Those uber fanboys would be Sony fanboys, which is why it was used as ammo against Xbox fanboys. So it seems the sentiment is consistent. Sony fanboys saw it as a bad thing which is why it was ammo for them against Xbox fanboys, and now that it's happening to them, they like it even less.

JackBNimble55d ago

They're also in denial and believe it will only be ps4 games ported and not ps5.

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isarai55d ago

Not to me, it's not to the point of the xbox where EVERY game is there day 1, but if it's heading that way i'm not too happy about it. I could've just invested in upgrading my PC at that point.

JackBNimble55d ago

You could have upgraded your pc but instead you chose a ps5?


That really doesn't make any sense

isarai55d ago


How does it not? I like Playstations exclusives, cant really play demons souls, astrobot, returnal and R&C on anything else can you?

Thundercat7754d ago

You don't seem to understand the difference here despite Sony saying it a lot of times. Sony is porting SOME OLD exclusive games to PC 3 or 4 years after release while Microsoft is putting ALL their games DAY ONE on PC.

There is a clear difference.

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Father__Merrin55d ago

They did state earlier this year about older titles on pc if that's the route they want to take it's upto them at the end of the day

thesoftware73055d ago

I don't recall them saying that, link?

_Decadent_Descent55d ago

I remember reading/hearing that Sony planned to bring a lot more games to PC, but never that they were only exclusively older titles.