Back 4 Blood's Open Beta Isn't An Open Beta

With the announcement of Back 4 Blood's open beta, since when did open betas become a paid perk?

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Darkborn89d ago

Honestly it's been like that a while especially on early access games on steam or kickstarter and indie gogo. They usually give their backers a code to play early and it leaked over into console games a few years back.

Kaii88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

I was initially excited to try this game due to the amount of publicity of this "open beta".
But paying to test your product before launch is absolutely disgusting, tell ya what when the game Is £20 In the Christmas Bargain bin I'll jump into it.

Edit - Preorders have early beta access & the open beta hits between August 12th until August 16th.
The 2nd half is definitely an open beta, I should read articles before blowing up it seems =D

Inverno88d ago

Since last gen, where have you been? Almost every major multiplayer game all through last gen has had a beta or alpha locked behind their preorder. I never understood people's willingness to pay to test an incomplete product when it's supposed to be the other way around. Early access is still a thing too but people still wonder why our little hobby has been on a steady decline

frostypants88d ago (Edited 88d ago )

Then don't pay and just wait. Easy. If people are willing to pay/pre-order for early beta access they'd be stupid not to take advantage.

Kosic88d ago

I've gotten a few beta codes for the 5th and I didn't pay for them. Intel had a give away, so me and my friends grabbed a few for free.