We've Had Triple-A; Now It's Time for Triple-I - The Future of Indie Games

Indie games have evolved a lot lately. Independent games are created with more and more momentum and budget and, paradoxically, with the support of big publishers. The era of triple-i has arrived.

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zacfoldor60d ago

Hades, Hollow Knight, and Stardew Valley are all triple-I then, lol.

59d ago
zahdab60d ago

coz I is for Indie ? A was not represnting a word just thr first letter of the alphabet and triple being the high grade or quality ... triple I is just silly

Pyrofire9559d ago

AAA kinda just refers to budget tho, when a game is indie though it kinda gets it's own benchmark.
Of course the term indie has become muddied itself for a bit. Like everything Devolver puts out seems indie but with the publisher that's not really true.
I think III makes sense and it conveys the idea well. It's an "indie game," small team, but high fidelity, and can still be under a publisher.

RodDuterte59d ago

"What Remains of Edith Finch". the pinnaccle of indie game's.

Fritzwochel59d ago

You like walking simulators then?

zahdab59d ago

It is a pretty good one ... my first reaction after it was done was to recommend it to my friends but they dismissed it as a walking sim.