A New Milestone: SIE Sells 10 Million PlayStation 5 Consoles Globally

From Sony: "We are thrilled to announce that as of July 18th, 2021, we have sold more than 10 million PlayStation 5 consoles globally. This makes PS5 the fastest-selling console in the history of Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) and we couldn’t be more excited about the amazing response of our fans.

Pushing through supply challenges and a global pandemic, we’re proud to have delivered a transformational gaming experience that is captivating players around the world. Everyone at SIE put their all into making the PlayStation experience better than ever. I’d like to call out a couple of teams who made especially important contributions."

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Jin_Sakai60d ago

Amazing achievement. Can only imagine sales if the supply was there.

smolinsk60d ago

Yeah that would have been awesome to witness if things were normal in the world the ps5 would have skye rocketed to unbelievable heights sales wise.

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TheDoomedGuy60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Nah man. Ps5 is going fuRTHEr BeYONd!

(Super Saiyan 3 reference)

It's not just the looks that changed but also the feeling when playing

XiNatsuDragnel60d ago

Raaagghhh (Reference)

You're right fr.

IRetrouk60d ago

👀 I was told no company reports sold through or doesn't have access to those numbers, yet here we are with sold through numbers.....

StoneyYoshi60d ago

Even if these weren't sold through numbers, the demand and lack of available stock seen around the world proves that a VERY high majority of these 10 million sold are in the hands of consumers.

IRetrouk60d ago

That's true, just making my point lol

Darkborn60d ago

It is rare now a days. Most of the time they only tell shipped numbers, like VGcharts usually is shipped numbers.

IRetrouk60d ago

I understand that, and agree, I'm just getting a dig in at those that said the companies don't know the sold through numbers or don't have access to them lol.

kneon60d ago

This months shipped numbers are next months sold numbers so it doesn't really matter. Sure channel stuffing can inflate things, but it doesn't last, if they aren't selling then eventually you can't stuff any more into the wholesalers and retailers warehouses.


Well we know for a fact there are no retailers that have PS5 in stock, so one can deduce that if they shipped 10 million, and every retailer is out of stock on these within minutes... the shipped figure is equal to the sold through figure.

IRetrouk60d ago

I agree, but i was honestly just making a point lol, you can get a few ps5s here n there from what I was shown yesterday but its random at best, for now shipped would be pretty much equal to sold, just nice to hear it from the horses mouth

Teflon0260d ago

Sonys oddly about the only company that will ever give the specific sold numbers. They're weirdly honest about actual numbers and will tell you when shipped vs sold, even if it doesn't look good lol. That's why I always smh though at other companies trying to make their numbers look better by saying shipped numbers

IRetrouk60d ago

This is partly why I was so confused by it yesterday, I just didn't get the way ms was comparing things, still don't really🤷‍♂️ lol

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zsquaresoff60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

I got lucky and got mine on launch day, haven't been able to find a single one since then for a friend.