PS3 Fanboy : Killzone 2 screenshots (do we need to say more?)

Andrew Yoon writes "You've read our hands-on impressions of Killzone 2, right? And you've seen the videos. Well, SCEA has finally posted some direct-feed screenshots. Yes, they're posed. But trust us when we say the game looks this good (if not better!) in motion."

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shadowghost7523628d ago

Those look kick-ass, roll on February

INehalemEXI3628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

Indeed. Give us PSN Demo !

fishd3628d ago

Those pics are crap

Go here for some awesome pics

ShinMaster3628d ago

True dat!
I also wanna see the new stuff Guerrilla has been working on, not the beta/preview code everyone is playing and websites are getting their screen-caps from.

IGN says it looks better than what people are playing now.

TheColbertinator3628d ago

Yeah they look good.Wonder if they will use the KZ2 engine for other games

bviperz3628d ago

GG needs to share the knowledge!

Kleptic3628d ago

its rumored that GoW III uses the same high res texture streaming tech...and parts of the lighting engine...and that both of these assets where co-developed simultaneously for both games...

not to take any credit from GG, as the game is unbelievably great looking...but I do recall an interview with harrison, and some following articles that mentioned the lighting engine was outsourced to a studio that focuses only on that...outsourced by Sony that is, although the seperate studio worked directly with GG to dial it in for Killzone 2...that possibly makes the lighting of killzone 2 a lot more 'middleware'ish' than one would think...allowing it to be tweaked to fit other games relatively easily...

hope thats its currently the most impressive lighting in gaming...300 real lights, that make real shadows, on screen at once?...the game is a unstoppable beast...

steck673628d ago

Yea, I have heard that KZ2 is getting support from Santa Monica studio, which usually creates graphically impressive games, hence the reason why KZ2 looks so damn good. GoW3 is being made by Santa Monica so imagine what that would be like, holy sh!t.


the beta is still going on......i can't beleive it...hope beta last till february

Arsenal4Ever3628d ago

i hate screenshots of any games they make them look crap. Screenshots dont justify anything. The videos do and the beta and SP also do too. (Played both btw).

Mr PS33628d ago (Edited 3628d ago )

No !!
You just find the Nearest BoT
Point and Laugh at Him and his Pathetic Xbox

And then if you Want !!
You can Slap the Bitter Taste Clean outa his Mouth !!

pupu3628d ago

Gears of War 2 GOTY 2008 CONFIRMED!!!1

Killflop 2 FLOP of the year 2009 CONFIRMED!!

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