GTA IV Tie Ratios "Highest Ever"

The software tie ratio for Grand Theft Auto IV is the "highest it has ever been" for the franchise, Take-Two chair Strauss Zelnick said during the UBS Global Media and Communications Conference.

Citing U.S. NPD sales data through early October 2008, he said the GTA IV software tie ratio for PS3 was 32 percent, and Xbox 360's (which has a larger installed base in the U.S.) was 28 percent.

"Our tie ratio for Grand Theft Auto IV illustrates the strength of the franchise," said Zelnick.

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GWAVE3604d ago

Tie ratio? Is this what developers talk about when they realize their games aren't selling too well?

VampHuntD3604d ago

Will be the lowest tie rate due to the disappointment of many with this iteration of the game.