Gamespot - Microsoft Flight Simulator Review – Head In The Xbox Clouds

Microsoft Flight Simulator is a spectacular technical achievement and a deeply inspiring experience, filled with glorious possibilities.

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Father__Merrin603d ago

Great game ppl should feel lucky a flight sim is available on console. Anyone know how large the standard world pack is?

killagram603d ago (Edited 603d ago )

Around 100GB before applying any free/paid content. Looks and plays incredible on XSX.

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peppeaccardo603d ago

Too many clouds ... 9 !! :P

glennhkboy602d ago

:) Which part of the world you're flying now? Asia is in bad weather now, so there are many clouds over here is East Asia right at this moment. I also enjoy those Discovery Flight. Those flight usually have a clear sky & less cloud. :)

iplay1up2603d ago

Loving it. Exploring LA has been a blast. The accuracy is mind blowing. It looks great on Series X. Looking forward to the Top Gun DLC!