Resistance 2 a Dud, but UK Still Feels the Call of Duty (1 Million Sold!)

UK - Just one week after Resistance 2 debuted at a disappointing 10th place, the follow up to the previous hit is conspicuously missing from the top 10 and has fallen all the way down to 20th on the UK charts.

That's not to say that the UK doesn't enjoy its hardcore shooters, as Call of Duty: World at War is in 1st for the fourth week in a row (and it has hit 1 million sold, according to GFK Chart-Track), and Fallout 3...

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Rogert3695d ago

wow. thought Resistance 2 would sell better.

happyface3695d ago

ps3 fans tried to hype this SO HARD all year long

I have to sit back and LOL now

maybe they'll do better hyping kz2?

RememberThe3573695d ago

I guess people really didn't like the first as much as they thought.

agentace3695d ago

sales have nothing to do with how good a game is and anyway i think every1s waiting to get it for chrismas, well half my freinds list is anyway lol

3695d ago
Bnet3433695d ago

Sony needs to do a better job of marketing their games. It should of easily placed #1 on the charts.

LeonSKennedy4Life3695d ago

This is sad.

Resistance 2 is the best multi-player experience I've ever had. I don't understand why nobody would buy it. I guess reviews really do have a say in sales now...

3695d ago
kwyjibo3695d ago

Reviews have been good though.

This game is averaging higher than World at War. I'm guessing people just want the safe option.

Monchichi0253695d ago

Can we all agree now the R2 and LBP were both dissapointments. I mean, not by videogame terms because they are pretty good games.

but I mean, Sony fanboys hyped these games SOOOO freakin hard all year long that it's now kinda funny seeing the 360 fanboys throw a pie in there face.

So PLEASE don't try to hype up K2 like this next!!! It's gonna be an awesome game but please try to hold restraint till the game releases. That way it can be a success in both gameplay and perception.

ravinash3695d ago

I didn't have any plan to buy Resistance 2.
Too many other things to play and Resistance 1 was OK, but didn't really ring my bell.
But then I went into Zavvi on Oxford street and saw their setup showing off the game and I was really impressed. I got the game in the following week and have been playing it ever since.
I think its really is one of those games that you have to play it before you can really appreciate it.

cayal3695d ago

look, because a game doesn't sell a million in the first week it doesn't make it a disappointment.

I'd be willing to bet if there are 20 PS3 games that have sold a million+, my guess would be that 17/18 of them sold a million over time. And the other 2/3 sold a million in a week (Metal Gear, GTA4 being 2 of them).

Not everyone goes out on the first day to get a game. I haven't got Resistance 2 yet, but I will get it soon.

And this is only the UK.

Bob Dole3695d ago

Bob Dole bought the game and is loving it. He could care less how well it's selling. It will sell enough for them to make a sequel and that's all that matters.

xenogamer3695d ago

the ps3 owning public, its our fault for not buying this game, i thought R1 was as generic as they come, i enjoyed R2 more, i bought it to support 2nd party studio insomniac and to ensure more good titles in the future, i guess some of my "brethren" didnt feel as generous.

ofx3603695d ago

Wow, that's sad. Every Q4 exclusive game so far on the ps3 has been bombing in the sales department even though they're AAA-AA games. All that hype that was put into this game and then no one gets off their ass and buys a copy(all talk, no walk). Come on triple owners what the hell is going on, support GOOD GAMES(WaW is good to i guess). I guess i shouldn't talk though, i played the first one and kinda liked it but not enough for me to go and shell out $60 for the sequel.

cactuschef3695d ago

All the super HARD awesome hyping i did, and its not even selling well! :rolls eyes:

Why should any of us be surprised that the multiplatform call of duty beat the PS3 exclusive R2?

Why does it really matter?

Sales = quality of game?

If sales are directly related to how good something is then Wii is the best console ever, and Nintendogs is one of the best games ever published.

gaffyh3695d ago

Wow an amazing number of xbox fanboys in this thread. Anyways is there possibly a shortage of this game. Cos I ordered it (in UK) a week ago at the same time I ordered Motorstorm 2 and I still haven't received R2...

It's really annoying as well because the post came, I saw a package and I opened it thinking "Please God be Resistance 2, not Motorstorm, not motorstorm", so I was sooo disappointed when I opened it. But Motorstorm 2 is surprisingly good, it is miles better than the first game.

JsonHenry3695d ago

Ugh.. I could not force myself to finish either R1 or R2. The games were soooo mediocre.

BattleAxe3695d ago

To me theres no surprise with CoD: WaW being at #1 since it is a fantastic game through and through. Resistance 2 is a great game aswell, and I did enjoy the single player campaign aswell as I am enjoying the online part of the game. But if I were to pick between CoD: WaW and R2, I'd pick CoD: WaW.

Having said that, because the ending of R2 was so crazy, I can't wait to play R3. I just hope they kick up the graphics a notch or 2.

Enigma_20993695d ago

Gears of War 2... But I understand... not like you guys weren't trying to tell us how great that game was or anything.

dantesparda3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

@ Catus - Damn!
"All the super HARD awesome hyping i did, and its not even selling well! :rolls eyes:

Why should any of us be surprised that the multiplatform call of duty beat the PS3 exclusive R2?

Why does it really matter?

Sales = quality of game?

If sales are directly related to how good something is then Wii is the best console ever, and Nintendogs is one of the best games ever published."

----------------------------- --------------------

Well said! I dont know why two people disagreed with you, but your post was both funny and true.

And while i also thought the first one was mediocre, i thought the second one was pretty fvcking good!

And is it just me or do almost all the games on that list suck? And like one of the guys above me said, where's Gears

acedoh3695d ago

It's still one of my favorite games this year. As far as I'm concerned it's much better than GTAIV which had a fair share of slow moments. R2 is a nonstop action fest. It's one of the first games I have played thru three times in a row. I will probably play it again. I love the online aspects with co-op and competitive and am trying to get my last three trophies for the platinum. R2 is one of my top picks for the PS3...

ButterToast3695d ago

I wanted to buy it at release but I was strapped for cash so it will have to wait. i also think a lot of people might be waiting to see how Killzone 2 does before they buy. I don't know when I'll be able to pick it up since there is a bunch of other stuff I need to buy (white knight chronicles, heavy Rain, a new computer in anticipation of Diablo 3 and starcraft 2, god of war and uncharted might be dropping next year, wait to see when the team ICO project will be released, etc . . . ) all while living off the meager income of a physics college student. I'll probably only be able to buy one or two games next year and a computer if things go well.

ofx3603695d ago

I see a lot of people asking where's gears2? While this doesn't pertain to the topic at hand I'll answer. It's not on the list, why? Because it already sold over a million. Come on people think...

Then the age old question: Does sales = quality of games...No. But it does influence if another iteration of a game comes out or not. A developer is not gonna hedge its bets on a game that doesn't sell well but take a lot of resources to make. I for one hope that with time R2 will pull through because once I'm not so strapped for cash i plan on picking up R2 and hopefully the subsequent iteration.

Homicide3695d ago

Sony needs better advertising.

Mini Mario3695d ago

No good can come from hyping up games...ppl can get seriously disappointed if all doesnt go to plan. LBP, while a great game..was way over hyped and ppl get disappointed if it doesnt sell as well as they had hoped (or had claimed how much it would).

I personally could care less, but for other ppl it can too easily start flame wars.

The same goes with movies.

Mini Mario3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

"1.6 - hm...
This is sad.

Resistance 2 is the best multi-player experience I've ever had. I don't understand why nobody would buy it."

Or maybe just maybe, its not always about the online experience (or "multi") to some people,.. or alot of ppl....>?

SlyGuy3695d ago

A game as AWESOME as R2 not selling well in the UK.

While it is arguable that R2 can be a GOTY contender, it is my personal FAVOURITE game this year (i.e. that I had the most FUN with).

*sigh* UK just went for a WWII shooter instead...

cayal3695d ago

^ I don't blame them. It's the only thing they have won recently.

(Aussies will get the meaning of this).

Alvadr3695d ago

To be honest, it serves them right. I wasnt impressed that I had to wait a month after the US release before it came out.

Also this game was never hyped, if it was It might have sold better.

Spydiggity3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

for a while, all i read on these threads was ps3 fanboys saying "wait til R2 is released in Europe" .... okay. what was supposed to happen?

seems to me all these exclusives are just over hyped avg games. what i'm confused about is... if there are so many ps3 fanboys hyping the games, and so few ppl buying the game, who are the other fanboys? who's hyping these games and not buying them?

pretty sad though that COD 2008 is selling so well. but i guess it does well for the same reason madden does every year. repackage the same crap every year and give it a slightly new title and ppl will buy it.

DaTruth3694d ago

Wow, people really believe that fanboys on N4G are "The Whole World". You should see your psychologist just for listening to fanboys. Need I mention "Wait for Too Human to release".

AAACE53694d ago

It was a gamble to release this game so close to CoD:WaW!

Some people had to make a choice and did not want to buy 2 games back to back, and R2 got shorted. Same problem with L4D on 360!

They should have had more space between them. R2 will gain sales anyway so it doesn't matter.

Raptors3694d ago

Damn. I thought it would've done alot better. I played the beta and it was good. Personally, I love COD4. I know some of you don't like it but for me I'm good at it and a ton of my friends have it so it always makes for good times.

3694d ago
prunchess3694d ago

It'll sell.

It'll be a slow burner though, I think. Up until the economy started to take a nose dive, I'd have gone out and bought this first day but now I'll have to wait until Xmas to get it.

According to VG Chartz Gears 2 still hasn't surpassed RFOM's world wide sales figures yet. Would any of you consider it a flop?

Rome wasn't built in a day ladies.

Enigma_20993692d ago

And who set the "rules" to this little contest? Certainly it wasn't us.

"Then the age old question: Does sales = quality of games...No. But it does influence if another iteration of a game comes out or not."

I'd almost accuse you of using commion sense, if not for the f***ed up logic you guys spread around here that games that sell less than one million copies = fail.

And why is it that that when this is done, it's ony the PS3 games that are scrutinized?

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monkpunk13695d ago

There were distribution errors and you could get a version of asda smartprice cod for £27... which sold out everywhere.

rhood0223695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Wasn't the fact it was ranked 10th due to it not even being out yet? And then when it actually came out it debuted at number 2?

Also, Gears 2 isn't on the list..does that mean it flopped out?

edhe3695d ago

Do you get croquettes with that cod?

PantherLotus3695d ago

No. That story is a week old. I should know.

N4PS3G3695d ago

no pal...those are last week sales

10th place last week

20th this week

pp3695d ago

Just wait till KillFlop 2 comes out that too will fail in sales just like every game on ps3 FACT.

mesh13695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

ps3 fans always try to hype average games lbp,resistance 1and 2,ratchet and clank .uncharted etc but they always fail they keep forgetting they are the minority this gen but on the internet they are the majority and think tis willl follow on in the real world hahaha the ps3 will never beat the 360 this gen ,all sony 3rd party sony devs are soooo stupid and loosing money and 100% wont continue to make exclusive that dont sell while bungie,epic are lavishing in millions upon millions of dollers playbehind

tomfoolery3695d ago

Resistance 2 couldn't resist FAILING.


In yer faces Sony pumpboys.

Drekken3695d ago

3 one bubble douchenozzles in a row... how cute.

ravinshield3695d ago

i wish i had a copy so i could sh!t on it

3695d ago
derseb3695d ago

calling Fallout 3 a hardcore shooter proves this site is for douches like u guys

resistanceFAILofman3694d ago (Edited 3694d ago )

I have a truck load any faildroids want some?

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N4PS3G3695d ago

calling it a flop seems a little but unprofessional from them

happyface3695d ago

since when is the truth unprofessional?

R2 was supposed to be Sony's Halo, at this rate maybe in 2 years it'll sell what Halo sold in first release night.

I never again want to see a post claiming Sony has a halo killer, they just fail time and time again

Ro11z3695d ago

Nuff said

hahaha you Fail


LeonSKennedy4Life3695d ago

Resistance 2 is our Halo killer.

While you guys are playing old-school multi-player...we're playing Resistance 2...which is a much better game. Regardless of sales, Resistance 2 is the best multi-player out there.

kevnb3695d ago

Because I thought the first one was horrible online.

Anton Chigurh3695d ago

I think R2 is one of the best shooter in 2008 but no way near Halo 3 (MP only) or L4D MP

Bob Dole3695d ago (Edited 3695d ago )

Bob Dole played the beta and enjoyed the sh1t out of the online. They improved a lot of things from the first one (such as the spawn-cam being excluded). He hasn't played the full version as he is still playing the single player campaign but will very soon. You should rent it and see if you like it then possibly go out and buy it if you like it enough. Win-win.

3695d ago
Bob Dole3695d ago

Bob Dole missed you too! He's been a good boy this year and wants to know if you've gotten him that machine-gun he's been wanting so badly!

YogiBear3695d ago

Sony doesn't need a halo killer. Halo killed itself.

Mini Mario3695d ago

"calling it a flop seems a little but unprofessional from them"

In my books if its a good game....its a good game

No matter how much or little it sells. The gamecube had heaps of great games yet sold so little (not in all cases..but certainly in alot of cases).

Just coz a game doesnt sell well doesnt mean its a "flop" (like u said).

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