Honest Gamers : Robocalypse Review

Louis Bedigian writes "In the real world robots are used to make our jobs more efficient. In the world of entertainment they're used to obliterate anything that moves in a battle to save mankind. Star Wars made them cool, Terminator made them tough, and Robocalypse – a new RTS designed exclusively for Nintendo DS – makes them an unstoppable army while being tame enough to achieve an E (10+) rating.

Robocalypse begins when a group of extremely polite killer robots (who knew there was such a thing?) invade the world, supposedly because of a freak accident at a local lab. To eliminate this evil-but-well-mannered threat, an old professor, a dumb blonde and a geek with glasses turn to the only defense they have: three retired veterans. They're old, clueless and are about to become guinea pigs for a device the geek developed. Using a brain pattern scanner to mimic the veterans' former skills, new robots are created to combat the enemy."

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