Shawn Layden Thinks Indie Development is Currently Facing Problems with Finances

Shawn discusses how the indie scene is facing big hurdles in terms of funding and it’s getting more difficult these days.

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Darkborn60d ago

Just as I've said, game dev costs keep rising and the cost of the games after 15 years should go up a bit. At least for inflation if nothing else. Indie devs can't keep up because they don't have hundreds of millions to make and advertise their games. Since they can't make their games up to the same standard, they get blown under the rug against ubisoft games for instance.

TheRealTedCruz60d ago

Development really isn't.
It's not the consumer's fault that AAA releases choose to spend more on advertising than the game itself.
It's not the consumer's fault the publishers throw hundreds and hundreds of people onto one project.

This has nothing to do with the indie scene. They're the only ones actually releasing titles under a reasonable budget.

It's my singular issue with Returnal. Made by a very small team. Had little overhead in terms of voice acting and mo-cap talent, yet still one of the first games to ask the $70 price tag. That was a budget title if I've ever seen one, no matter the quality, itself.

sourOG60d ago

Funny since the best game announcements I’ve seen this year have been 2d side scrollers. They certainly aren’t having any problem keeping the 80s going.

JustTheFax60d ago (Edited 60d ago )

Did this guy give an interview recently and these "journalists" are splitting it up into multiple articles?

Viking_mo60d ago

Not sure but lately hes been on the scene a lot from leading some company, to saying GamePass isn't a sustainable business to this.

Rachel_Alucard60d ago

A lot of sites split interviews up in multiple parts to gain more traffic view over a week. It is much better for them to make multiple articles with one opinion given by the interviewee then post the interview outright because they can grab attention headlines and get high traffic every day for a week rather then one day. Even some sites that conduct the interview will only release new info each day till the whole thing is posted. Its a cheap tactic but its the most viable way to keep traffic up.

BrainSyphoned60d ago

Uh how am I ever going to guilt fans with nostalgia on Kickstarter.

Tzuno59d ago

Sony current problem is the lame PS plus content