Xbox Hardware Revenue Up 172% YoY, Content & Services Down 4%; Microsoft Gaming Revenue Up 11%

Microsoft announced its financial results for Q4 of the fiscal year 2021, related to the period between April 1, 2021, and June 30.

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iplay1up258d ago

Playing Flight Simulator on Series X right now. I have a feeling I am going to be spending some cash on this. It looks fantastic!

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aaronaton58d ago

what like £70? Like i did on a physical copy of Ratchet and Clank?

DJStotty58d ago

It is free on Gamepass, and even outside of Gamepass is only £59.99.

Xbox does not do £70 games like the competition

darren_poolies58d ago


No instead they fill it with microtransactions - $30 for one plane, $10 for 'enhanced' graphics on airports etc. So much better right?

ReadyPlayer2258d ago

Uhhhh no. Microsoft set up that store for independent creators to develop and get paid for their work for flight sim. The vast majority of the things on that store or made by 3rd party peeps

darren_poolies58d ago


Fair enough my bad, I didn't realise it was user generated content.

gravedigger58d ago


Nice PR. You forgot microtransactions.

Also, Activision and 2K were the first who raised the prices. So, are they competition, Xbox fan.

Btw. 70$ game in US was around 62 GBP in UK ( like for Demon's Souls for example ). So, Flight Simulator is in territory of 70$ game in UK.

Chris1258d ago

@gravedigger $70 US price is £70 in the UK. Look at R&C for example, a 10 hour game for £69.99 vs £59.99 for a game people will play for months and don't need any micro transactions for. Who got the better deal?

ReadyPlayer2258d ago

No worries, respect admitting the mistake

gravedigger58d ago (Edited 58d ago )


Quote :

@gravedigger $70 US price is £70 in the UK. Look at R&C for example, a 10 hour game for £69.99 vs £59.99 for a game people will play for months and don't need any micro transactions for. Who got the better deal?


It isn't. Demon's wasn't 69 GPB. Here is the price history in UK. 63 GBP at most ( similar Ratchet was too ). Also 60$ for Nintendo games is 50 GBP in UK ( like Zelda BOTW ).

Like i've said, looks like Flight Simulator is in 70$ territory. EOD. Btw. people will play Flight Simulator for months? LOL

They won't, even if it is on Gamepass.

Abbott12358d ago


It was £69.99 on the ps Store. Even now as it’s on sale it has the £69.99 price crossed out indicating that is its original price

Chris1258d ago

@gravedigger I was using the official price, just like you. There are always cheaper deals but Sony is charging £69.99.

And you can childishly lol all you like, but sim type games are often played for months, even years. That's the attraction of the game type.

Babadook757d ago

Xbox sales were very low a year ago.

IRetrouk57d ago (Edited 57d ago )

@dj 👀 you serious?🤣 It's £109 for the full game, the cheaper options lose premium airports and planes, how's that any better? Infact it's worse lol, also, its not just a 3rd party marketplace for those saying that, asobo also have individual dlc for sale.....

I guess you were right, xbox don't £70 games, they do £60 games with content taken out🤷‍♂️

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Sciurus_vulgaris58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Why are people assuming that 3rd party games are doomed on Xbox due to a 4% drop on profit? Game delays and the long-term attachment rates of specific franchises to Xbox need to be taken in consideration. Also, PlayStation has double the user base of Xbox. Besides, Gamepass would probably affect 1st party sales more than 3rd party sales. It is likely not cost effective for MS or its 3rd party partners to launch big budget AAA games on Gamepass.

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zoks31058d ago

Seems gp is hurting 3 party sales on the platform. Also, no profits, no gp install base update and no units sold? Just seems odd to me.

NeoGamer23258d ago

How do you get that?

3rd party game sales will do one of three thing each quarter as compared to the previous year...

1) Go up
2) Go Down
3) Stay the same

They don't always go up so they could go down or stay the same.

Also, with a lot of people bought new hardware with this new generation, so they don't have as much to spend on games. Therefore, it is quite logical that game sales go down. Finally, I wouldn't say this past year saw a lot of epic third party games. Most 3rd party games were developed on game engines from last generation that were very mature.

There are a lot of things that affect 3rd party game sales. gamepass isn't the only thing. And it is not like gamepass is new. it has been out for years.

zoks31058d ago (Edited 58d ago )

For me I came to the conclusion by asking myself
“if I take GP out of the equation would they still see that same decline?”

They just had mlb the show for the 1st time in Xbox history. MLB the show is filled with microtransactions but was on GP. They just had It Takes Two, yet they saw a 4% decline from 3rd party? What are people playing on the console, it can’t be just 1st party games.

Let’s see if Sony and Nintendo had a decline in a few weeks. We will know for sure.

EvertonFC58d ago

Went down 4% during a pandemic where everyone is at home? That speaks volumes imo.

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