Battlefield Portal to Feature Weapon Balance Settings “Historical” and “Official”

Battlefield Portal will feature weapon "official" and "historical" settings for game balance.

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isarai53d ago

Ok, this is very compelling to me, i like more hqrdcore/accurate damage models on guns in competitive fps'. Still pretty sure EA will screw this up pretty bad in some way, but this feature alone has me eye.

Majin-vegeta53d ago

Idk sounds like EA is prwtty much hands off this title.Youll also be able to tweak damage closer to some of the old TTK

excaliburps52d ago

Yep. But I gather, most will stick to the one by default? I mean, you're going to hear people complain about BF Portal playlists being skewed or one-sided if players tinkered with TTK too much?

Also. this will have those TTK people shut up about it since they can literally make a TTK they enjoy. LOL!

JEECE52d ago (Edited 52d ago )

My only fear with Battlefield Portal is that the ratio of creations to players actually playing custom matches will be skewed (i.e. you make interesting custom rules but your match gets buried under hundreds of other near-empty servers). I assume that after some time the community will sort through and find some good things that will be able to maintain numbers, but typically I think most people will end up relying on the bots.

EazyC52d ago

Slightly confusing terminology, though perhaps the guy is paraphrasing or something. "Official" and "historical" should not be the terms used.

So this is basically like Balance of Performance (BoP) that racing sims have? Making guns/vehicles from all eras equal? Good idea, the first thing I thought with the WWII fighter in a dogfight with a MiG was "how the hell will that work"!

Although for some game modes it's actually important to keep them unbalanced, for example that mode they showed where a whole army of WWII guys were going up against an elite 2042 squad. Awesome idea!

Good-Smurf52d ago

I hope it's not a paid mode.
They have to win trust back but it can't with it behind a paywall.