Blue Box Studios posted Mystery image on Twitter reigniting the Kojima rumors

Blue Box studios posted a blurred image of a person with an eye patch reigniting rumors that they are working with Hideo Kojima.

Sonic-and-Crash672d ago

too many clues to working on smthing unrelated to Kojima.....i say probably they r helping the remaking of MGS1 but not with Kojima as Director .....just they tease him as reference to the game

VenomUK670d ago

Whatever this turns out to be I hope it's worth it!

Eonjay670d ago

I still think its really Blue Point and that it coincides with the leak from Sony Japan. Also, the trailer for Death Stranding Director's Cut was a further hint at whats coming. Clearly, Kojima is involved with this at some level, clearly. I also think that Blue Point is working on both Silent Hills and Metal Gear Solid. They are a port/remake studio. The reason why Sony hasn't announced the acquisition is because it coincides with the announcement of one of those projects.

neutralgamer1992670d ago

This rumor will prove some people right and others completely wrong. Jeff grubs for example said kojima is working with Microsoft, yet if this ends up being something that kojima is involved in and is own PlayStation exclusively, then Jeff grub who already has very spotty reputation among gamers will see his reputation being tarnished even more

To most gamers grubs is a big mouth who thinks he knows everything yet to Xbox gamers he is an insider

Sonic-and-Crash670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

that may Kojima works with Xbox there is nothing to stop him work with the other companies as well

Grubb may have a point but not ulimately right ...he probably rushed out to announce smhting that is very early in talks with Kojima and MS (probably to shill for Gamepass as is their promoter) ....

while PlayStation and Kojima may have already began their project

smashman98670d ago

Jeff Grubb does not have a spotty rep. Also if this were something Kojima himself is working on it wouldn't invalidate Kojima signing a letter of intent to work with MS. Kojima has and does work on multiple projects.

derek670d ago

Working with Kojima is only a big deal for Microsoft and their lackeys like Grubb. A playstation Kojima game, like a From playstation game is nothing new and is almost expected.

NecrumOddBoy670d ago

I'm starting to truly suspect this is a Blue Point (Box is just some nonsense fakeness because of Snake) remake of MGS with the approval of Konami and the direction of Kojima. I am believing this more than Silent Hills. I'm also 100% wrong but this ARG is fun.

Vengeance1138671d ago

The way that works with everything BBStudios said on Twitter about "not making SH" and "not working with Kojima" is if BlueBox are only the developers of the RealTime Experience app and nothing more.
BluePoint Games are making MGS Remake
Kojima is making Silent Hill with Norman Reedus (such is why Reedus is heavily teasing Silent Hill now)
and both games Silent Hill and MGS will have their trailers in BlueBoxes' trailers app.

Darkborn670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

That was my idea a few weeks ago too. I think blue box is just a company that makes this app. How could this random small indie studio make a brand new game, a never done before real time trailer app, and purchase game assets from one of the best companies in the world and sonys execs seem to not know who they even are. It's BS. I think their job is to hype up the game or games for not only what Kojima is working on, but it's called "real time trailers". I kind of think the next psx or big conference will be on this app with 3D audio and duelsense support during the reveals.

Edit*I forgot to mention it's called blue box game "studios". It's one small indie studio. I think it stands for playstation studios. Blue box = playstation, and they have multiple game studios.

MasterChief3624670d ago

But why would they blur the text on that Abandoned poster? Not just that, but the person in the background having an eye patch. These things are quite enormous coincidences, especially that eyepatch fellow, considering they were vehemently denying anything to do with Kojima. Someone pointed out one of the lines in MGS V talks about Les Enfants Terribles and says "Abandoned" at the end. When Moby Dick Studios (notice the plural as well) was not known as Kojima's secret project yet, they also tweeted about how they have no relation to certain things. The initials of the studio's leader are H K.

There's way too much evidence to support this being another Kojima guerilla operation. The only thing that's confusing is there is evidence of Silent Hill as well as Metal Gear Solid. Maybe they'll combine! But the YouTube channel has a banner that's a bunch of hills with fog... "Silent Hills." Two of their social media accounts follow Hideo Kojima and only a couple other people.

Is it Metal Gear? Is it Silent Hill? WHAT IS GOING ON. But if this isn't another Kojima operation, I think a lot of us will be completely shocked.

--Onilink--670d ago

Its just a stock image, its already been confirmed in the replies of the tweet

porkChop670d ago

This whole Blue Box situation is way too sloppy for Kojima to be involved in any way. Kojima controls every aspect of marketing for his games, he even cuts the trailers himself. There's no way he'd let a mess like this keep going on.

Further more, the eye patch image in the background is just a stock image. Someone posted it on Twitter.

Nacho_Z670d ago


Don't agree with you there, it might seem messy to you but it could still be carefully orchestrated. The whole point of marketing is to create a buzz and that's what they've achieved for very little money.

If it was actually Snake in the picture it'd be tantamount to confirming something they aren't ready to yet. Whether it's Kojima or not there's some clever people behind it.

CaptainHenry916670d ago (Edited 670d ago )

After doing a little bit of research, something is definitely very strange about all of this. I hope this ends well for blue box studios

Eonjay670d ago

I had posted something similar above and so I agree with you.

MadLad670d ago

I think you may be confusing them with Bluepoint games.
They're the ones that did a number of solid remakes over the years.

QSPR669d ago

I saw what you did... Solid (Metal Gear Solid), Bluepoint (Blue Box) Numbers, Years ( Abandoned) hahahaha. just kidding mate!

Thundercat77670d ago

And what exactly is the problem with that?

-Foxtrot670d ago

If it was MGSVI over Silent Hill then I’d be pretty disappointed

MGSV didn’t really go anywhere and the overall story felt shoe horned in so unless it’s a sequel to MGSIV then I don’t know what they’ll do

--Onilink--670d ago

Its just a stock image actually, its in one of the replies for the tweet

Greg2801670d ago

And out of all the stock images that exist, they chose 1 that resembles the Metal Gear series so much. After al the Kojima conspiracies, that's the stock image they want to use. I mean seems pretty sketchy

CaptainHenry916670d ago

Or maybe it's not Metal Gear Solid or Silent Hill and just a new IP all together

-Foxtrot670d ago

Thus me saying " was"

TrueViper670d ago

What if the company is just trolling. They have a tweet denying any involvement with Silent Hill or Konami, but what if that tweet is smoke and mirrors along with the picture that could be Snake. Probably wishful thinking, but what did Konami do with Silent Hills? They Abandoned it.🙃

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