Activision Blizzard Employees Plan Walkout Wednesday To Protest Working Conditions

Workers demand Activision Blizzard improve conditions for women and other marginalized groups

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Darkborn58d ago

And I bet everyone will still pre-order the next CoD like nothing happened. Activision and these publishers like EA and Ubisoft, even CD Project Red, needs a good reckoning and to see thier sales crumble. I'd love to see the investors faces if they didn't meet their sales expectations by a large amount. All they care about is sales and profit margins and don't give a damn how the sausage is made, only that it is made and it costs a lot.

porkChop58d ago

To be fair, the odds are already stacked against COD this year.

It's Sledgehammer's year, and their development has gone so badly that Treyarch had to release Cold War a year early instead. That Activision would rush Treyarch to release a year early says a lot about the state of Sledgehammer's project.

Then we have Battlefield 2043. It's bringing some serious competition this year with a ton of new features and modes, whereas COD has mostly stagnated.

On top of all that we have this terrible situation and Activision's garbage response. Many Acti-Bliz devs have already stopped working on their projects because of this.

Now I'm not saying that COD will fail, but it's highly unlikely to be remotely as successful as the previous entries. And that would be a good thing, Acti-Bliz and COD in general need a big kick in the ass to get back on track.

sourOG58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

No I remember. I remember their investors. I don’t buy many activision games anymore. It has to be something really cool like the thps remaster. But I do remember their bullshit and tie them to China every chance I get lol. I’m on the side of the kid who got banned and literally robbed for saying free Hong Kong. I won’t forget that shit and I have laughed at their misfortune ever since.

Epzaos157d ago

Nope, never once played or bought a CoD game in my life.

sourOG58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

I wouldn’t be surprised if they move their operation to China lol. It’s unusual for a big corporation to come out against a state lawsuit like “California is trying to ruin us!”. As hilarious as it is to see commufornia trash activision, It couldn’t have happened to a better company lol. We usually don’t hear about these at all, it’s settled behind the scenes and corpos keep quiet. I think the shit talk is a sign that they are leaving Ca after the settlement. I think a walkout would solidify that. Either that or their lawyers think they can swat this down easily. That’s risky as hell in Cali though.

LucasRuinedChildhood58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

"I think the shit talk is a sign that they are leaving Ca after the settlement."

Infinity Ward, Treyarch and Sledgehammer Games are all located in California. They won't be leaving. haha. It would destroy their yearly rotation (Modern Warfare 2 will be huge next year), Warzone and the entire franchise.

It's obvious that the "shit talk" is just putting on a brave face to try reduce the likelihood of a successful lawsuit. They're hardly going to say "It's all true. Oh my god, it's all true. We're so f***ed" if they're challenging the lawsuit.

It would also very difficult to replace the amount of employees they have with equally talented and trained staff. AAA games need to be made in video game development hubs. Between San Francisco, LA, Santa Monica, Irvine and San Diego, California is one of the biggest development hubs in the world. EA had to move production of Need For Speed back to the UK for similar reasons.

Your comment is really just wishful thinking and not objective at all.

sourOG58d ago

Nahhh it’s not wishful thinking lol. I have no vested interest in activision whatsoever. CA can burn it down for all I care lol. I’m not defending them in the slightest, just a prediction.

Do you think they lose access to that talent pool if they move their operations to Vegas or Texas? If there are people they want to keep they will pay them to follow. Those 3 studios are what 1500 employees max? How many of those are essential? How many are dime a dozen grunts? That’s no sweat in terms of relocation. Their entire operation of 9500 employees is no sweat for a billion dollar corporation. CA isn’t the only place with video game development schools and talent and you can still still recruit in CA without being subjected to their state laws and taxes as well. Shutting down shop and rebranding somewhere else might be their best option. It doesn’t have to happen tomorrow either, it could be done gradually of course. Anybody who thinks they aren’t replaceable is sorely mistaken.

It doesn’t work like that, it’s an unusual stance. The usual stance is a robotic “we don’t comment on rumors, speculation and ongoing lawsuits“. The investigation notes aren’t that impressive or detailed but I doubt activision wants them looking into their operations through discovery either.

Putting on a brave face doesn’t help your lawsuit if you are guilty, it makes it worse lol. If they truly thought they were f***ed they wouldn’t be saying anything at all let alone talking shit to the state going after them. If they wanted to fight it they would probably have to counter sue and take it to a higher federal court.

sourOG57d ago

Lmao it’s accepted now you don’t have to hide it anymore.

Vizigoth0458d ago

Maybe they need to have a kindergarten class of how to treat their employees with respect.

EternalTitan58d ago

Well look at that, new vacancies. They are all getting fired though.
And you will buy their games anyway.
What with this drama?

ArmorOfGod58d ago

Women & men have clearly proven that they are incapable of working alongside each other.