Xbox 360 Has More Hits This Year than PS3, Says Analyst

Sony is facing some tough times compared to its competitors, based on sales estimate data for November from the game industry analysts at EEDAR. According to the firm, both the PS3 and the PSP will post double digit year-over-year declines.

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pp3605d ago

PS3 has lost the console war it's just barely hanging on by it's g-strings.

InMyOpinion3605d ago

You mean Solid Snake's solid g-string?

karlostomy3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

solid snake's Diaper for old age incontinence?

Next up:
MGS5: Wheelchair - the movie

Blademask3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )


Microsoft Has More hits in 2008 because:

Gears sold 2 million
LEFT 4 DEAD SOLD 300,000


GT5 2 million +
MGS4 2 million +
LBP 250K
Motorstorm 2 sold ?
Resistance 2
Hotshots Golf
Valkira Chronicles
+ everything else that sony came out with in 2008.

Am I honestly reading this article saying MS has more hits because Gears sold 2 million? Really? This is Math here folks. Plain Addition and Subtraction.

Sony numerically had not only more exclusives, but they also sold MORE than Gears2 and Fable 2 since they didn't come out JUST at the end of the entire year. BTW, the article doesn't even mention Fable(800k).

Why do these people get a pass on credibility when its just nonsense. Anyone else? How else is this read if Mathmatically, Sony is ahead in 'hit sales' if they are using Gears2, and L4d as the definition?

Mart, please. Help me out there.. I know you are the king of them. I just want to see how we spin Math these days, hell. You can even use VGchartz at this point since they are a rough retarded estimate, or any better sources.

mgs4 3.55m
gt5p 2.39m

come on .. honestly WHAT?

rhood0223605d ago

That is exactly what I was thinking. The title of the article and the content presented do not add up.

mikeslemonade3605d ago

The main reason why 360 is selling this way is price. If you think it's mostly due to software you're just wrong then. PS3 was outselling 360 on a month to month basis in North America before the price drop. If it weren't for the price drop people would be still deciding whether to buy a PS3 or 360, but the price drop makes way more easier to decide than any kind of software.

Blademask3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Honestly, Mart,Bloodmask.. any of you. how 2 multiplatform games, and 1 Exclusive = more hits "$$$" for 365 day period that sold less than the PS3's lineup which includes the SAME "HITS"!


I really cant wait to see the first person respond and explain to me how 1 > 2.

INehalemEXI3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

/facepalm ?

chaosatom3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Where Analyst completely IGNORE MGS4.

*face palms IDemonstalkerXI8* just for the heck of it.

Darkseider3605d ago

This article is non-sensical at best and looking for hits. You make very valid points in overall sales of console exclusives on the PS3. MGS 4 Mil+, LBP 1 Mil+, GT5:P aprrox. 2.4 Mil, Uncharted 2 Mil+. That doesn't include the third party multiplats which are on par for most titles and sometimes better, PES 2008, PES 2009, DMC, Tomb Raider as examples. As for the other exclusives released this year they are still selling and will have the same legs their predecessors did.

R2 is already at 600k+ / R1 sold approx. 3.3 mil units
Motorstorm2 is at 300k+ / Motorstorm1 sold approx. 3.6 mil units

Again they will sell just as well as the others over their life span and there is nothing to suggest otherwise. Which makes me wonder where this analyst is getting his data from? For that matter if the data he is looking at is the same as the rest of the world how in the hell he comes up with this view?

Danja3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

the 350 had Gears 2 , Fable 2, NG2...what else did they have..??

PS3: MGS4 , R2 , LBP , M2 , WipeOut HD , Valkyria Chronicles , Socom , GT5P

If the 360 didn't get a price cut and thats the only reason why it'ss selling so much for now...

btw Blademask..MGS4 has sold :4.5 million

SuperM3605d ago

I think they are talking about Sales, not how many good games that is on the console. Basically 360 exclusives are selling better then PS3 exclusives, shouldnt come as a big surprise though, concidering the market share.

Gun_Senshi3605d ago

Blademask owned this so called ANALyst

JokesOnYou3605d ago

Of course price is a factor but the games and the time of year are also just as much a part of the other words even when ps3 was outselling 360 it wasn't by much, so even without a price drop its easily conceivable to rational thinking people that 360 could potentially outsell the ps3 when games like Gears2 Fable2 or even L4D dropped....and simply put its just crazy to say that MORE gamers are choosing the 360 over the ps3 ONLY because of price.....I mean ultimately they buy even the *cheaper console because they at least believe the games + price is the best option.


N4PS3G3605d ago

Well Danja ..thats a matter of opinions... it the list was based on scores it would be more like this

Xbox 360 :Gears of War 2 , Fable 2, Left 4 Dead , Braid , Portal: Still Alive , Geometry Wars 2

PS3: Metal Gear Solid 4 , Resistace 2 , Little Big Planet , WipeOut HD , Valkyria Chronicles

the article is talkin more about sales and all games in general ..not exclusives

Beast_Master3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Every single NPD that has been released has shown that PS3 and PSP Hardware sales have been up year over year, (not comparing to 360). PS3 only has 6-7 million US users. Which means there are at least 10 million more consoles owners outside of the US buying games. LBP has already sold over 1 million worldwide.

So MS not only has more US users but they also only have 3 AAA exclusives to compare. If you have a 360 lets face it your choices are Fable 2, Gears 2 and L4D. While PS3 has Socom, LBP, R2, Valkieria Chron, Motorstorm 2 and MGS4 which they didn't compare. I think these "Analysis" need to learn what 2+2 is before they open their dumb mouths. I mean considering there are 6 million users I would say the sales of those games are doing pretty well. We will see when NPD is released.

When 360 reaches 140 million sold compared to 24 million-(Which was what Sony sold compared to Xbox last gen) then call the game over!!!

etownone3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Xbox exclusives sell more than ps3 exclusives. FACT (wait till the year is over and you will see how Gears beats MGS4 in sales)

Multi-plat sell better on 360. FACT

So why all the crying?

if you really want to know the truth. Just compare the 10 top selling games of 08 on the 360 and the ps3.

Xbox 360
Gears at - 3.3
Fable 2 - 1.8
Left 4 Dead - 0.5
GTA4 - 6.3
COD: WaW - 2.4
RSV2 - 1.8
Madden 09 - 1.5
Army of 2 - 1.5
Star Wars TFU - 1.3
Ninja Gaiden 2 - 0.9
Lego Indiana - 1.5
Fallout 3 - 1.1

And if you want to go stricly exclusives.
It's still too early to call. But being that ReFOM2 and LBP really sucked ass in sales, atr the end of the year we can add up MGS4 + GT5 prolouge (even thought its only an extended demo) at 5.94
....and compare them to xbox 360's best selling exclusives of 08, Gears 2 and Fable 2. So far 5.1.

It's gonna be close.

I think Gears will push close to another million this month being it's the most wanted game this holiday season.

kevoncox3605d ago

You list sucks...MLB?
Come on. Face it. 360 wins again.
I hae a ps3 and I am looking for games for it.

Beast_Master3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

You do realize 360 has twice as many owners in the US than PS3 right? So wouldn't it be obvious that Multi-Plat games would sell better, which by the way stunningly isn't a 2:1 margin in most cases. And really PS3 has released just 1 system seller and that was MGS4, you saw the spike there.

In 09 they have 3 system sellers dropping and 360 has none.
GoW 3
going on a limb but KZ2.

Not to mention FF13 like GTA is still a Playstation fan favorite.

EDIT: Just to clarify KZ2 does not have a track record of creating a spike in sales. I think this time you will see some extra PS3s sold, but not near the number you will see when GOW3 and GT5 drop. I hope KZ2 is a system seller though!

tordavis3605d ago

"Why do these people get a pass on credibility when its just nonsense."

You get a pass Blademask.

I disagreed because you didn't define 'hit'.

CViper3605d ago

No one has even just responded to how the article comes to the conclusion based on the data given.

If you add up all the 2008 game sales on the 360, and the 2008 PS3 sales Its not a shock that a larger audience would sell more games.

But the BS factor here is where you have some idea that the 360 is pushing out hits left and right, to where its not true. MGS4 sold better than Gears2 so far, yet there are no articles talking about the PS3 having more hits this year.

If the article was in fact "Microsoft sells more software than the PS3" i doubt anyone would have even approved it, since its completely obvious due to more 360 units being out.

But the article was about how the 360 has more "hits" and the hits it defined were 3 games. Games that are also on the Playstation. If the article defines 3 games that come at the end of a Year the entire Year's worth of games then there is definitely something wrong here.

But when you compare your top 360 exclusives this year to the top PS3 exclusives this year, much like how everyone ignores the fact that the 360 was out a year earlier, Lets ignore the fact that the PS3 released MGS4\Grand Turismo earlier. And as it stands as I saw someone say earlier, its at a higher number.

Is this another pat on the back article stating the obvious that there are more 360s out than PS3's? Or are they saying that Gears2, CodWAW and L4D, are bigger hits than the PS3 games the entire year?

Rhoic3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

But anyone could see from just the NPDs of how well MS's software sales were.. they usually had 5-6 games in the software charts, with 90% of them being #1. Not to mention how they topped a bunch of charts in Europe as well.

-Multi-Platform Games
-Arcade Games
-Fable 2
-Gears of War 2
-Left 4 Dead
-Ninja Gaiden 2
-Too Human
-Tales of Vesperia
-The Last Remnant
+ all other games the 360 came out with in '08.

Rhoic3605d ago

"And really PS3 has released just 1 system seller"

Really? I was aware there were 3. MGS4, LBP and Resistance 2..

Jecht3605d ago

You've just proven you don't have a PS3 by saying you're looking for games. Seriously.

Beast_Master3605d ago

Do you know what a system seller is?

I will explain what it is for you. A System selling game is a game that has sold millions and millions of copies in the past and causes people to line up at midnight to buy a console just to play that particular game. These games usually have a pedigree of having huge launch events and buzz surrounding their release, like when Halo 3, and MGS4 came out, or Mario Galaxy. So Games like LBP and R2 are exciting additions to the PS3 brand they are not the types of games that people will camp out for. Now GT 1-4 has sold millions and millions of copies in the past, there are people who are waiting to buy a PS3 just for that game. Everyone can also agree that God of War 3 is a system seller, just look at the spike in PSP sales. I personally know 3 people that will by a PS3 just to play GOW3. GTA and FF are also system selling games, even though they are multi-plat. They appeal to a certain gamer.

You can argue that LBP and R2 are also system sellers, but we can all admit they where never "MEGA-TON", by that def you would have to throw in Madden. There are People that only like sports games that buy a console.

Now if LBP and R2 have long legs and over time sell 5-8 mill copies then when they are released on PS4, those games will intise people to buy that console.

Notice why I said KZ2 was going out on a limb. Because Killzone 1 didn't sell all that well. But after people have seen how awesome it is it may entice a large spike in sales from people that just want an awesome FPS.
I hope that clears things up.

prowiew3605d ago

Do people read articles anymore?!!. The focus of the article is fall games and they never said that two 360 games outsold all ps3 games this year. Also the website are not making up numbers. They are quoting an analyst firm called EEDAR(never heard it). But the reality is, the only people that should worry how many games are sold are the companies. We gamers, why do I care? no reason at all.

Rhoic3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

No.. that has nothing to do with a game being a system seller. In fact, that's a horrible statement. A system seller is a AAA game that has been anticipated for months to years. What YOU'RE thinking of, is a Greatest Hits game. Greatest Hits just means it reached the 1 million marker.

"You can argue that LBP and R2 are also system sellers, but we can all admit they where never "MEGA-TON"

Lolwut? Who are you trying to convince here? Me or you? Because LBP was supposed to be THE biggest game this year aside from Metal Gear Solid 4. And considering the fact that the PS3 only had 3 major releases, you would be daft to try and spin that. Sony even said it themselves that LBP was supposed to be a saving grace for them, and that they tried to spin it by saying "LBP would have sold better at a different time of the year." And we all know that's a load of BS considering it released during the holidays rofl.

acedoh3605d ago

on the PS3. It has been a great season and a great year. It's unfortunate the mass public cannot enjoy the PS3 due to the price. This is just the beginning folks... Much more greatness to come.

DaTruth3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

Are you trying to look stupid? Who ever saw a new IP as a system seller? Just because a bunch of PS3 fanboys go around the forums portraying the end of 360 when LBP is released, does not make it a system seller, It just makes it a high rated game that people who frequent gaming sites will buy and eventually the buzz will make it sell over the long run.

Arnon3605d ago

"It just makes it a high rated game that people who frequent gaming sites will buy"

= System Seller


jay33605d ago

Dude, don't get so worked up about it.

It's some analysts (retarded) opinion.

I haven't played my PS3 nearly as much as I've played my 360 this year, but there's no denying that this year the PS3 has had way more big titles than the 360.

AAACE53605d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you, but if you want to do a fair comparison, it would probably be more logical to list all the games released for the 360 instead of just 2 games!

I know alot of those games you might not respect or care about, but if you are willing to go back as far as GT5P and MGS 4 to prove your point, then you have to include all games from 2008.

To the typical consumer, it's just another game... they don't care what's exclusive or not, and that's "probably" what they are basing their findings on.

Either way, all companies won this year because their sales didn't freeze up!

Jamegohanssj53605d ago

Hi Blademask :D. I am here to explain why 1 > 2.

You see in a race number 1 equals the winner.
In a race 2 equals first loser and 2nd winner.
So technically 1 > 2.
In math terms 1 > 2 because it's first. Ha ha ha I am just kidding 2 > 1 in math terms.

Blademask wins flawless victory.


littletad3605d ago

With most Sony fans listing their own versions of 360 exclusives. Most only list Gears 2 and Fable 2, and that's it. How naive.

The partial list of exclusive left out are: Banjo-kazooie, Ninja Gaiden 2, Tales of Vespera, Braid, Geometry Wars 2.

Coupled with the under-performing Last Remnant, Too Human, and leaving out the "also on pc" left 4 dead; The ps3 did NOT have more exclusives than the 360 as some would like to believe. Better scoring exclusives? Yes, the ps3 did win that round. Best selling exclusives? No the 360 took that prize.

Hows that for a disagree blademask?


Your numbers are wrong and 360 have had alot more games than you guys think its starts with Kingdom Under Fire: Circle Of Dome and then next game and then the next.

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Wildarmsjecht3605d ago

Oh....this won't even begin to go well.

OOG3605d ago

meh people are just digging for articles to cause a stir and the same people are always in them complaining...what can ya do.........

Kleptic3605d ago

didn't october's NPD numbers for the PS3 show an increase over last year?...i'm too lazy to find out...

and wasn't BD player sales, lead by the PS3, become number 3 in Black Friday sales for 2008?...second to 'women's boots' and something else in number 2...

but whatever...2008 proves that the best lineup in games won't get you first in sales for the holidays...The wii is running away with it...with absolutely nothing to play on it...the 360 is enjoying a surge, much like the PS3 did last year, with a early season price cut...and the PS3 has had the same price point as it did in summer 2007...

no one is arguing that the PS3 is selling well...but the way this article goes about saying the PS3 has 'less hits' than the 360 is ridiculous...if they are judging hits by sales be it...but that doesn't meant the 360 had 'better' games throughout the it clearly didn't...

N'Sync had a lot of 'hits', by this guys logic, too...yeah...please try and spin that into a good thing...

Fishy Fingers3605d ago

Price cut is coming, sooner or later (6 month maximum). Then problem solved.

I don't profess to be such an expert on the matter, but that's what I see. No "no price cut" will convince me otherwise. No matter how high it comes from the Sony peeking order.

PotNoodle3605d ago

Of course sony will deny price cuts till the very last minute, they want people to buy them at the price they are now - not wait for a price cut. Microsoft did it too, they denied their price cuts a few times till the last minute.

Sony have also done it before, denied it one day and a few days later announced a price cut.

Bladestar3605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

"Price cut is coming, sooner or later (6 month maximum). Then problem solved. "...

then Microsoft drops the price again... and Problem again... just like what happened before when Sony drop the price of the PS3 from $600 to $400...

It's important for Sony to drop the price of the PS3 as soon as possible.. and not wait until Microsoft can easily do the same...

remember if the PS3 hardware is getting cheaper so is the xbox 360 hardware...

Microsoft will never allow the PS3 to be cheaper than the xbox 360... not going to happen.

Pennywise3605d ago

Blade, we will not see another 360 price cut for many, many moons.

Bladestar3605d ago

@Pennywise - why? Please tell me... is it because Sony is making so much money on hardware and microsoft is losing so much money on the xbox 360 hardware that they can't drop the price? Is it because Microsoft is so broke and have no money?

Seriously I want to hear it... what make you think that Microsoft will sit on their hands and let Sony beat them even in the US in terms of sales....

I'll tell you what... the only reason why Microsoft would not drop the price of the xbox 360 again is if a PS3 price drops have no effect on the xbox 360 sales and the PS3 is still losing after a price drop... otherwise as they proven by how much they are willing to spend on DLC... they will drop the price as many time as necessary to ensure they at least win in the US.

Darkseider3605d ago

MS has been directly asked and quoted as saying.. no more price cuts for a very long time. Here's the link for those that care to read it themselves.

Danja3605d ago

maybe because M$ themselves stated they wont be dropping the Price for awhile..which I take with a grain of salt..

@ Bladestar you really think M$ is just gonna keep dropping the price of the 360 just to counter the PS3....they do have a business to run and they are losing alot of money on the 360 already..

and even when the PS3 was twice as expensive as the 360 it still outsold it for majority of the year until that desperate price cut in September..

whats gonna happen when the PS3 gets a price cut..?

even with the price cut the 360 sold 400k+ in a month PS3 did that amount without a Price cut just a lil game called MGS4...

seems like demand 4 ur lil system is slowing cuz it can't even beat the Wii for a month and it'sso much cheaper..

Bladestar3605d ago

@Darkseider and Danja... wow... I think you are right... if a Microsoft executive who is basic this answer on current circumstances (Xbox 360 selling very well compare to the PS3) than it must be true that there will be no price drop no matter what...

ohh wait... So, what are you guys talking about? You are talking about a PS3 price drop when the same occured:

"There are no plans for a price reduction on PS3 in March 09, and anything reported on or discussed otherwise is purely rumor or speculation."

"There are no plans for a price reduction on PS3 in March 09, and anything reported on or discussed otherwise is purely rumor or speculation." Clearly, "no plans" is a bit more of a concrete denial than "no comment."

"Well the pressure comes from the consumers obviously and so therefore there's always pressure on price, but you know we have a business to run, and we have to make sure we're doing the right thing for the shareholders as well.

Sometimes you Sony fans confuse me...

If Microsoft says that they are beating the PS3 in terms of sales than it's a lie...

if Microsoft says that they will NOT drop the price than it's NOT a lie...

If Sony says they are beating the xbox 360 than its NOT a lie...

If sony says they are NOT dropping the price than it's a lie.

Damn... which one is it?

Danja3605d ago

Everyone already knows that Sony is gonna have a price drop early next year..

Why would Sony come out and say they're gonna have a price drop in the next 3 months...especially around the most important time of the year when they sell more consoles..

obviously ppl would hold off on buying a PS3 until the price drops , doesn't take a genius to figure that out...

Rhoic3605d ago

You guys realize they said they WOULDN'T.. not couldn't.. if Microsoft feels threatened by the PS3's price drop, they could easily do it, as they're already making a profit. When Sony does it.. they'll go from being even to losing money again.

Kleptic3605d ago're making a big deal out of nothing...again...

as mentioned above...Sony NEVER admits to a price cut until its a week or so away...nor does any other electronic it would cause a retail surplus of current stock (everyone would simply wait for the cut) causes issues with production, as the channel stops flowing...and causes problems with their retail partners, who are forced to cut prices on what they already have purchased, in order to get it out of the store...

the comments made by Sony after the wave of rumors last week are standard...we got that in 2007 when the $399 sku was well as earlier in the summer when the 60gb was dropped to $499 officially...

which brings up another issue with your say that MS will never allow the PS3 to be cheaper than the 360? already happened...the 40gb was $79 cheaper than the Elite when it released...and EVERY retailer and blog post pointed out how the 40gb easily exceeded the elite in value (despite the Elite having 60gb more HDD space, the proprietary nature of its accessories was, and still is a disaster)...not to mention that the 40gb PS3 was the same price as the 20gb 360 premium (or pro, or whatever the hell they called it back then)...

that held until MS's recent cuts...MS has officially dropped the price of all 360 sku's one time this generation...they had cuts on the premium to $350, and core to $279 or something...yet left the Elite, the real competitor of the PS3, at nera $500...despite what you may think...MS is struggling with profitability issues in the Xbox division as well...they can't simply drop prices whenever they want...which is the way you try to make it sound...

the PS3 is more than primed for a big cut...and at that point MS WILL NOT be ready to cut the 360 again...MS is definitely way more avent this generation about chest beating and sales numbers that they will arguably stay more aggressive on that front...but the rumors of a Feb. cut for the PS3 along side the release of Killzone 2 makes perfect sense from a business standpoint...its a $60 million game, there is no doubt that all of SCE are going to get behind a major push for the game...let the PS3 ride on brand name and excellent software through the holidays, despite losing to the 360...then open it up again early in 2009 with a MAJOR title and a dropped price to match...I wouldn't be surprised if 360 sales for the month of February drop to below 100k in the US, where as the PS3 triples it if the cut comes at the right time...

Tainted Gene3605d ago

How do you get the 360 not making a profit !!! The 360 system has been selling at a profit for a while now, (can't remember the exact date but I believe it was early this year) and that was way before the price cut. While the PS3 on the other hand has been selling at a loss since DAY ONE. I remember some Sony rep (Phil or Ken) stating that fact when the PS3 was about to launch at the unprecedented $600 price point, claiming the hardware components namely the Blue Ray and the CELL made the price point at almost $900 - $1000 and that it was a bargain to get the PS3 with BD inside for the sweet price of $600 (don't get me wrong the PS3 was and still is the cheapest way to get a BD player)

Thats why they couldn't afford to drop the price until they had no choice (b/c the 360 was outselling the PS3 until the Sony dropped their price from $600 to $400 last fall (60 gig to 40 gig respectively). Sony was already losing money before hand and now they're losing even more, (the WHOLE Sony game division <PS2, PS3, Psp> may be close to breaking even but the PS3 itself is not even close). So if they do drop their price again Sony is only going hurt themselves. I mean whats the point of beating your competitor if they (Microsoft) are making more of a profit then you are.

Plus, I do realize that the PS3 is cheaper to make now then it was initially (lets say from the original 900 - $1000 to about 600 - $700) so if thats the case for PS3 then the 360 is almost dirt cheap to make, hence the profit margin.

So I really really doubt that Sony will make a price drop any time soon, maybe next xmas is more of a possibility. But if they drop the price and STILL want to make a profit then they have to either cut back on 1st party game production, marketing & advertising (which is poor to begin with) and/or take out the Blue Ray function (which I really doubt is going to happen any). Anything short of that I can't see Sony making a profit on their system in the foreseeable future. And there is no way the PS3 will be cheaper than the 360 (basic model vs basic model) I mean how can the more powerful and with overall superior tech (PS3) sell at a cheaper price then a lower end model (360), it make since ( business or otherwise).

And before anyone says "hey, the Wii is selling at a higher price point than the 360". Nintendo doesn't and shouldn't drop its price...EVER since it sells about a half million every month. Wii is not even in the same league as the 360 much less the PS3, so the Nintendo should just leave their money machine alone and just sit back, smile and continue counting their money.

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MaximusPrime3605d ago

analysts from EEDAR?

never heard of them. why listen to these guys?

personally i feel PS3 is doing well end of this year. Next year will be interesting

Jazz41083605d ago

We will see very soon the year is almost over!