Report: Guilty Gear Strive Next DLC Fighters Revealed via Datamining

It appears that the next two fighters coming to Arc System Works latest chapter in the Guilty Gear franchise may have been revealed, as a recent data mine reveals the Guilty Gear Strive next DLC characters are Slayer and Baiken — two well known fan favorites in the series!

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Sonyslave360d ago

Yes Baiken smh she should been there day one.

VTKC59d ago

Well if she was then how would they get anyone to pay more money?

SeTTriP59d ago

She's going to be mad broken in this game.

That's if they don't give her the Faust treatment.sorry Faust mains

Lexreborn259d ago

Slayer is all I’m waiting for maimed him since accent core and will forever lol