Release of the Week: The Dark Knight

Greedy Raven writes, "I personally have been polishing off my PS3 so that it looks nice for the Blu-ray version. Now, I can't for the life of me think of the amount of content that you would need to warrant three Blu-Ray discs, but I am sure excited to watch all 150 GB-ish of it. Some of the numerous extras include a digital copy of the movie and the ever tasty BD-Live experience. With BD-Live, users will be able to do things such as start up synchronized group screenings and create feature long video cometary. You can even use your webcam to film your commentary and post it on the web for all to see. Who wouldn't want to see you talking about how silly Batman's voice sounds?

That means all us gamers who have opted for the Sony side of the console war can watch the movie on our PS3's, download some sweet content from BD-Live and stick a copy on our PSPs for the long plane ride home for the holidays. And you Microsoft fanboys think we need games!"

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CrAppleton3654d ago

I plan on picking this one up.. although I'm not 100% sure about blu-ray yet.. I spent 30 bucks on Wall-E for my daughter.. and Yeah.. it looks great.. but $30 worth of great? meh.. I think it looks just fine on reg. DVD.

CrAppleton3654d ago

I think I'll stick to DVD until the price point for a blu-ray drops.. what do you think?

bgrundman3654d ago

You should check out all of the extra content that comes on the disc though... including a digital copy you can put on your PSP. That sounds pretty awesome to me!

CrAppleton3654d ago

I hear ya.. I've just never been a huge movie buff.. So while I buy movies and enjoy watching them.. I wont go into the extras.. usually anyways.. so right now for me.. the price is pretty steep.. Especially when I can buy a game for the price of two movies.. I miss the days that brand new movies came out for 10 or 15 bucks..

Blademask3654d ago

simple formula. If you don't appreciate the quality of the movie, don't buy it. Also simple.

There is no question to anyone that owns a nice HDTV, that when combined with BLuray, its Nirvana.

People think appreciating HD is mandatory, as in you MUST justify a reason to buy an HD disc. Thats just false. Just as I wouldn't suggest a 4500+dollar Home Theater system to someone who more than likely wouldn't be able to appreciate it outside of it just being loud, I wouldn't suggest you buying anymore HD media until you start to actually enjoy the quality. Also, the PS3's upscaler is amazing so you can be fine with just buying that if the pricepoint of bluray is the issue.

I don't mean 'afford' as in can you spend 30 on it. In the sense that if you can't appreciate it, why buy it? Don't just buy the Nissan GTR because everyone else says its fast when in most cases a nice little mustang would do the job for ya.

HD has gone way too mainstream to where Kodak advertises "HD PHOTOS!" and its at the point to where there is an artificial argument on if people NEED it or not. It was never a requirement, just something for people that enjoy it to buy. Then it will gradually make its applications in data storage then just replace DvD for disc media when the demands for higher capacity programs/games all start happening. I dont see the dilema at all only if you dont really.. feel ya need it.

300k people bought Hancock. I wonder how many are gunna buy Dark Knight hehe.

UltimateIdiot9113654d ago

You don't have to pay $30. Just search around online, a helpful site is, just go to the hot deal section and filter it by DVD. You'll find sales and deals on bluray.
I pay roughly ~20 for my blurays. 23 for dark knight.

Aclay3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )


I pre-ordered the Dark Knight on Blu-ray from for $23.99

I could have chosen to get the Free Shipping option and it would have been just $23.99, but I didn't want to wait more than a couple of days for shipping so I got 2 day shipping for about $7 dollars more.

If you want to get Blu-ray DVD's below retail, buy them Online.... I got Spiderman 3 on Blu-ray for $19 bucks on Ebay, I bought I Am Legend from Amazon for $18 bucks, etc... and they were all brand new. I know that most retail stores like Best Buy have sales on brand new Blu-ray's that first come out for a few days and then they go back up in price, so if you want to get a Blu-ray from retail, you should probably buy it when it first comes out so that you can catch the sale.

For me spending up to $25-30 bucks on a Blu-ray DVD isn't all that bad. I have to admit that it took me a while to get used to spending more for Blu-ray's, but I think that the better picture quality is worth it, especially with an HDTV.

bviperz3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

For those that want to, you can, and will, find BD movies cheaper than $20 bucks. Even new releases. Collectors Editions you can find under $30. Don't buy at MSRP, save the dough for games!

f7897903654d ago

And compare it with the regular version. I'll start regularly buying bluray once it gets to $20. $30 is a joke and $35 at the bookstore made me want to light their movie section on fire.

darthv723654d ago

should be in my mailbox from netflix tomorrow. Along with horton for the kids.

Renting it for now but I may get it on blu but then again, I might get it on dvd so it can be watched on other tv's in the house. It will look good upscaled on my ps3 but not to the extent of tru-blu.

I can live with that.

Sitdown3654d ago

for the movie, and do not necessarily think it is the bluray movie with the most drop dead gorgeous scenes that take advantage of the clarity...I would encourage anybody who is buying the movie to get the bluray version for the added features that bluray offer with regards to special features. I wonder how sales will register given that the movie has been available in some places for at least a week. I rented at Blockbuster last week..and according to the clerk, Gameplayers or somebody broke the street date..which allowed others to sell it early. Then I wonder how much more money they will be able to milk out of it by reintroducing it to theaters next year.

darthv723654d ago

I really would like to see more than the standard special features you get now a days. I think I read somewhere that the special features of blu and dvd are still the same. I was expecting more for my $$ than just a better picture and sound. That is a given but when you pay extra dont you want extra features NOT found on the dvd version? Digital copy...great if you are into that. I have a psp and while it is cool it is by no means the sole reason to get it.

I think they need to time release the different versions. Maybe the adoption rate for blu would take off if the studios held back the dvd release by a couple of weeks (or not release one at all).

xenogamer3654d ago

and check out the long trailer in it, if that doesnt blow your socks off then dont buy it, but if it does, youll enjoy DK with all of us in beautifull 1080p nirvana

iHEARTboobs3654d ago

I just got my 1080p LCD so i'll definately be picking this up tomorrow.

Sitdown3654d ago

I agree completely, which is one of the reasons why I liked hd dvd...not only did they have picture in picture from jump...but you often had the option of dual combo disk. I think you will begin to see that companies are beginning to add extra stuff...such as picture in picture; add that to better picture quality and sound.and finding it for just a couple more dollars than the dvd is great.

theEnemy3654d ago

Then stick to DVDs and stay away from any Blu-Ray related news.

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bgrundman3654d ago

This may be the first Blu-Ray that is worth the full cost. 3 Blu-Rays worth of content is an awful lot.

UltimateIdiot9113654d ago

2 Blu-ray disc of content. The 3rd is a DVD with the digital copy of the movie.

f7897903654d ago

If I own the movie I can download that movie from anywhere in any format I feel like.

ThatArtGuy3654d ago

had 3 Blu-Rays and 2 DVDs and only cost $22.00.

ThatCanadianGuy3654d ago

Picking this up tomorrow.First thing in the morning.

Marceles3654d ago

I took it safe and got it online, I can almost see people camping out to get it

killyourfm3654d ago

I never saw it :-(
But regardless, this may just be my 1st PS3 BluRay purchase.

bgrundman3654d ago

I am glad to see that you will be remedying that critical error in judgment soon enough. :)

Blademask3654d ago

3 lashings for all the bluray discs.

Or should we go by gig?

bgrundman3654d ago

Are there any Blu-Rays that have come close to this big of a value?

Sitdown3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

Possibly Blade get 5 versions of the movie.

Edit: From my understanding there is "Final cut (disc 1)", "Theatrical version (disc 3)", "international version (disc 3)", "director's cut (disc 3)", and "workprint version (disc 5)". Did I miss something?

ThatArtGuy3654d ago

3 versions of the movie. Theatrical, International Cut, and Final Director's cut. The other two discs are special features.

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