Dreams - Ancient Dangers: A Bat’s Tale - Teaser | PS5, PS4

Coming to Dreams in 2021.Dark dungeons. Dangerous beasts.

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OtterX58d ago

Nice way to revitalize the community! What I'm seeing is an advancement in character animation, less puppety with a little more life. Look forward to trying this out. Hope they flag it as playable in PSVR! Dreams looks insane in PSVR on a PS5, due to open scalability of the game engine!

SullysCigar58d ago

Agreed on all points - particularly regarding PSVR, which is a world apart on PS5. Just beautiful!

DeusFever58d ago

Dreams is the game that keeps on giving. Recommend Dreams for everyone.

TheDoomedGuy58d ago

Havent touched the game but might look into it now.

The_Sage57d ago

There is so much content. I've played some really good full blown games in Dreams.

EvertonFC57d ago

Looks great and co/op too sweet

57d ago