Darkzero : Project Aftermath Review

Pete Barker writes "Space is a particularly uninviting place, scientists will have you believe that it's mainly empty, a dark lonely void. And with its constant expansion, there's a lot more of that so called nothingness being created. Taking all that into account, we humans sure are lucky when it comes to stumbling across the most evil, disgusting and formidable creatures in the universe to start our intergalactic grudges with.

It's the same story all over again, only this time those evil, disgusting and formidable creatures have already won the war. During a particularly ill-advised push into the heart of enemy territory, our adversaries circled around behind us and whipped out our home world (I'm referring to them as "us", although I am pretty sure they're mentioned as a completely different identical looking species, sorry!) Now this army, your army, isolated in the middle of nowhere, is all that is left of a once prosperous race. Blah blah blah, justice. Blah blah blah, vengeance. Blah blah blah, peace."

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