Samsung Reveals The $2500 Odyssey Neo G9 49” Monitor

If you have $2500 burning a hole in your pocket, then here is a new monitor that may be just what you need. Samsung is proud to announce the launch of its new gaming monitor, the Odyssey Neo G9 49” Monitor.

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whitbyfox53d ago

This was made for Flight Simulator.

specialguest53d ago

F*** that! That's an enthusiast level price and for a niche market

Eidolon53d ago

And it's expensive because it's niche, it's a newer market and when people need it, they'll fork over that cash because they ARE enthusiasts or have a high paying job that requires it. I don't think it costs much more than a 16:9 to manufacture, but because they don't mass produce these, they blow up the price and they know people will pay up.

specialguest53d ago

I agree with all of the points made

masterfox53d ago

No thank you, Im happy with my samsung Full HD TV for gaming. :D

demonseye53d ago

Uhm what? a tv for gaming is fine i guess if you just play some story-based games. if you play competitive games I wouldn't use a TV and be as proud as you sound.

Parasyte53d ago

I have the 32” G7 1440p monitor. One of the best monitors I’ve owned.

alb189953d ago

I bought one and I'm very happy with it too.

King_Noctis53d ago

I own that one as well. I do hope however that they would make a G7 4K model with much better HDR contrast in the future.

jznrpg53d ago

I’m happy with my 65” CX that I got for less $$

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