No Microtransactions Shouldn't Be A Selling Point

It's a sad state of affairs that the Dead Space remake not having any microtransactions even needs addressing.

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isarai55d ago

What i find hilarious is i called this years ago, and people here argued with me that it would never get that bad. I friggin hate modern AAA gaming, it's absolutely ridiculous and everyone is too desensitized and complacent to realize just how ridiculous it is.

Welshy54d ago

100% agree. When Destiny 1 first brought in it's "silver" currency I called that if people buy it more and more content would appear in the store and the community/my friends rubbished me as being too negative or a hater.

Just take a look at Destiny 2 in it's current state vs the early days of D1. It's a train wreck and people who bought/defended it are to blame.

Army_of_Darkness54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I don't hate modern AAA games. But then again, I mainly purchase Sony single player PlayStation exclusives so what would I know about your online multiplayer Microtransaction struggles

1nsomniac54d ago

This is nothing new, it’s just life. It’s how everything works. Desensitise it enough until people accept it then abuse it for monetary gain. This was just a blatant scam from the beginning and we all should be embarrassed that more of us didn’t see this one!

drizzom53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Yep feel the same way about DLC too. When it first started defenders and shills would say that it would never get bad. After many years of quiet undetectable incremental steps, look how ingrained its become now in game development. I remember there was a Mona Lisa image that showed a 'then and now' shot of DLC progression over the years. I shudder to think what it looks like today.

TheGreatGazoo3055d ago

I honestly don't think it's that bad in the vast majority of games. Are there gear and cosmetics you can buy? Sure. So what? You don't have to buy them and if you don't it's not like you're missing out. Who cares if there are options for people to buy things that don't affect gameplay or matter?

Darkborn55d ago

Yeah but the problem is stuff like this used to be free and a lot of them were unlocked after you beat the game or finish challenges. It's pretty crazy that cheat codes don't really exist anymore because the execs would rather sell you health and bullets and make games take longer to level up so they can sell you xp boosters.

SenorFartCushion54d ago

People never do with things like this.

They are though

neutralgamer199254d ago


It's this same thinking that has gotten us into this much trouble, because too many gamers felt like it doesn't affect me so why should I care? and now Micro transactions are in single-player games. Stuff like unlimited health unlimited ammo etc used to be cheat codes but now a lot of that has been turned into stuff that you can buy instead of unlocking or using cheat codes


PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 was the beginning of no cheat codes and now we are to a point where very few games offer them

CYALTR54d ago

I really don't see the issue of having cheat codes and a developer trying to make a bit of coin off of it. As long as it is a SP game, who cares?!

BlaqMagiq154d ago

Because it's gotten to the point where it DOES affect gameplay. They've done things like increase the grind so that you'll be tempted to buy MTs while struggling to be at an acceptable point. Some MTs have also become pay-to-win especially in multiplayer games. They need to be gone completely.

lellkay54d ago

@TheGreatGazoo30 you are the problem with this mentality

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NovusTerminus55d ago

It's not, but from a company who made it a policy for years and years, it's a hard stance they need to come out against early on in development.

54d ago
UltimateOwnage54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

Shouldn’t, but is since so many Corp developers have watered their content down with them or publishers freemium crap on every device with throw away “gold” that you can buy with real money. Unfortunately this is a problem because too many consumers are enabling it, same as GaaS (look at the GamePass worship going on). The more money gets spent on micro transaction and GaaS crap, the more they’ll make use of it.

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