GamingTrend: Need for Speed Undercover Review

GamingTrend: "Here's the strange thing. Even with the myriad of gameplay and graphic issues, I still found myself having some fun with NFS:UC. Especially during the middle third of the game – between the ridiculously easy and insanely hard bits – there was a glimmer of some great challenges and more than a few heart-pounding moments. Weaving through a crowded highway at 110 MPH was fun. Slamming through a 180 slide turn to try and lose a cop can actually get the pulse up a bit. It just seemed like these moments were sandwiched between a huge number of mundane gameplay events or wonky graphic issues. Every time I started to think, 'You know, this is really fun,' some new issue would pop in and bring me back down to reality. Released in a vaccum, NFS:UC would be a solid arcade racer. However, when stacked up against its competition, it ends up looking rather dull and problematic. There's probably a fantastic game in there somewhere, and given a bit more development time, it might have shown it's true colors. As is, however, NFS:UC is awfully tough to recommend."

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