2008 iPhone Gamer's Buying Guide

We wouldn't let you iPhone and iPod Touch gamers down, now would we? Heck no! So, to actually include the iphone in complement our 2008 Holiday Season Buying Guide, we've decided to drop a list of the 10 games you oughta buy on the iPhone platform for the year 2008. Get to the App Store and get them for you or a sweetie! Also, think of it this way: you can probably buy ALL of these games for less than one of the big titles that you'll never finish anyway. :)

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roblef3628d ago

These are all great games. What are some of YOUR favorite iPhone games?

CrAppleton3628d ago

I don't actually own an iPhone at the moment.. But with all the great games that I've been seeing lately, it might be a good idea to pick one up

bgrundman3628d ago

I am just waiting for peggle to come to the iPhone touch!

roblef3628d ago

It's all about the quality. Many iPhone games/apps are throwaways. These games are the ones you buy and keep and keep playing. Thoughts?

snoop_dizzle3628d ago

There is a Brothers in Arms game I'm hearing about. It seems it has crashing issues so a lot people are complaining about that and rightly so, however it seems the people that are able to play it are liking it. It seems a step in a good direction.