Sony: Blu-Ray Has Hit Price 'Sweet Point' Bishop, president of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, says that Blu-ray player prices have finally hit the "sweet point" which should generate significant momentum for the high-def disc format.

Studies have indicated that consumers have been reluctant to buy Blu-ray players largely because of their relatively high prices. Until recently, an entry-level Blu-ray player was priced at $399, triple the amount of a standard-def DVD player.

However, retailers have slashed the price of some Blu-ray players to under $200 and early holiday sales reports indicate that the move has paid off. The high-def disc player has been dubbed one of the holiday's hottest items.

"As is evidenced by the sell-off of Blu-ray players over Black Friday weekend, I would say we hit the sweet spot regarding price," Bishop told Home Media."Some stores were sold out by 9:30 a.m. (on Black Friday). Clearly, it is a top gift item. There will be more price-point-oriented promotions throughout December and that momentum will continue."

Bishop said the recent Blu-ray release of Hancock sold nearly 300,000 units in the first six days thanks to the Black Friday sales. He added that a strong holiday season for Blu-ray players should trigger an equally strong January for Blu-ray movies.

"The positive in all this is the momentum we are getting from Blu-ray. It is continuing to grow and 200% to 300% year-over-year, and the ratio of Blu-ray and DVD sales continues to rise," he said. "That calls for optimism. For anyone who said that people would just go to digital and skip Blu-ray that has certainly been proven not to be true. Even if you took Blu-ray separately as a revenue stream, it is probably 20 times larger than digital revenue."

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pwnsause4621d ago

lets see how people spin this article.

mikeslemonade4621d ago

Blu-ray is atleast in the minds of the average non-tech savvy person. When I talk to people about games, movies, computers etc. eventually they will bring up the subject about blu-ray. And I also remember it was the samething happened with DVD when it was new. People talked about it but couldn't buy it. When the price drops more and more people will get it.

Mr_Bun4621d ago

I'm waiting for the DD know...where 360 fanboys claim that DD is the future even though the arcade/core don't even have a hard drive. Digital know, the DDs that you will have to delete in order to make room for new DDs since you only have 120gig HDD max!

Monchichi0254621d ago

Now if they can only do something about those movie prices!! LOL That's the major reason why I hardly ever use my Blu-Ray player.

Fallen_Angel4621d ago

No spin need the reason they are 199 is cause they will becoming out with 2.0 soon making all the blu ray player that are out now useless. Sony is screwing over there customers once again

SeNiLe9114621d ago

I just don't feel the need to spend more for Blu-Ray movies when upscale DVDs looks great on my HDTV. The difference of VHS to DVD was huge where upscale DVD to Blu-Ray is not as huge of a difference. That's not saying there is no difference just not as much of a difference compared to VHS to DVD.

The Lazy One4621d ago

blu-ray discs and movies, no.

I will not buy an HD player till I can get an HD movie for <$20

Hububla4621d ago

go watch planet earth on blue ray with a big a$$ hdtv its crazy

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pwnsause4621d ago

Since you bots think of yourselves as smart and stated that Blu-ray is Doomed, lets see you guys spin this article.

Blademask4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

Digital downloads and low quality no high bar having netflix Hd movies is the way to go... upgrading disc formats is STUPID.. well except for like.. floppy.. to cd.. to dvd.. but DVD is the perfect medium, and after DVD.. we shouldn't even need optical discs anymore, just keep manufacturing more dvds!!!!

uh,, (grasps at more straws) There is no point in having more space ona disc. Jst like theres no point in having a high capacity Mp3 player. Who needs 80+gigs when u can just keep using 128mb mp3 players .. and just keep deleting and refresh..


I just plain hate the PS3.

PoSTedUP4621d ago

blu-ray (blu-ray high definition disc read with a state of the art blue laser) is proven to have higher quality highdeff than a highdeff FILE. and having more disc space on a blu-ray disc works good for two things, compression in games and compression in movies, both not needing to compress data make the quality of each formant top notch and at its peak performance. if you sir think that a highdeff file can match the quality of blu-ray then you sir are ignorant. stop hating and start WATCHING B3YOND.

ThatCanadianGuy4621d ago

Damn man! I could of sworn you were Bladestar there for a minute! :P

Then again..All you really have to do is drop your IQ by 25 points and you're pretty much an Xb*t..

Pennywise4621d ago

Sarcasm just flies over some peoples heads!

The Lazy One4621d ago

wat? where do u think the movie on blu-ray comes from? high definition juice spread evenly over it's surface?

Blu-rays play high definition files. idk why you think they wouldn't. Blu-ray is a physical storage medium. It plays MPEG 2/4 and VC1 files.

If you get those files, and play them on a computer; they will look just like the blu-ray. If you put them on any other non-blu-ray storage format that can be read fast enough, they will still look and sound the same.

PoSTedUP4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

blu-ray has its own special dics where it is read with a blue laser, thats the only way it is blu-ray. it is a file but it would have to be on a blu-ray disc read with a blue laser ok. anything else would be considered highdefinition, not blu-ray highdeffinition.

The Lazy One4620d ago

HD-DVD used blue lasers too...

PoSTedUP4620d ago (Edited 4620d ago )

ok but blu-ray utilizes it more buy having a 0.1mm depth and more storage compacity so you can have the most quality because you dont have to compress anything. blu-ray is better than HDDVD and a highdeff file, what are you trying to argue about?

The Lazy One4620d ago

they didn't have to compress anything on HD-DVD either... You don't have to compress anything on regular DVDs if you don't want, you just won't fit a whole movie on it.

PoSTedUP4620d ago

dvd is not high definition and between HDDVD and blu-ray, blu-ray has a a better and more noticeable picture due to the lower bit depth, blu-ray has better audio support also, its just the better format. i was wrong when i said it was because of compression but having a game or movie on one disc is more convenient.

The Lazy One4620d ago

DVDs are perfectly capable of storing mpeg4s

and HD-DVD had better audio standards than blu-ray.

read here: http://www.hometheatershack...

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kyleg4621d ago (Edited 4621d ago )

fu*k netflix its only in the U.S so fu*k netflix i say. and not every one has fast internet and i only can download 60GB every month and when i go over it cost me $1.50 per GB. until there is faster internet and no download limit for the whole world there will never be just Digital downloads. so blu-ray wins.

pp4621d ago

As long as the public are buying stand alone Blu-Ray players and not that piece of Sh*t PS3 i'm happy so far.In this console war ps3 will remain 3rd place i know its sad and i feel your pain droids but Hey cheer up i know ps3 put up a good fight.As for Microsoft (XBOX360)the world is its oyster.

Nitrowolf24621d ago

Yup and come next year the PS3 is going to brake that oyster

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