The Ongoing Chip Shortage Explained and Why It's Making it Hard to Find PS5s

PS5 chip shortages are still making the ability to get a console difficult, and there's a real possibility the issue isn't ending soon.

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Locutus_of_borg53d ago

I know the pandemic has hit the chip shortage, but i think thats only half the reason, I'm sure i read an article somewhere that it was actually started before the pandemic took hold, The article went on to say it was Donald Trumps spat with the Chinese over imports.

DarkZane53d ago

It's not that. There is more and more products using those chips today than there was a few years ago. Not only are smartphones even more common now, but a lot more are being produced as well.

Things like cars need those chips now as well and they didn't before.

Even before the pandemic, the production wasn't fast enough to meet the increase demand of those chips.

There is also only 3 factories in the world that made those chips and apparently, one caught on fire.

Rude-ro53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Or how about the demand for the ps5 is far ahead of the ps4’s?
They surpassed the projected sales.
This is saying a lot.
The demand is causing the shortages.
The chip shortage is at play, but we also have no clue what the ordering process is. How many are allocated per batch etc…
But this is to try and catch up to an unrivaled demand for said hardware.

Example.. Microsoft is rumored to have moved 6 million consoles but are “sold out”.
Why is Microsoft ordering less chips than sony? They are ordering per sales history/demand not a lack of chips.
It would make zero sense that both companies are dealing with the same thing but with vast differences in what is allocated to each company.
They both love playing the sold out approach. The og PlayStation had two years of thin inventory with the price never dropping… and the ps5 is far outselling it.

franwex53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

It’s also the fact that we are transitioning chip architecture too. So, it’s a combination of a lot of things made worse by the lockdown, lack of workers, etc.

I saw a pretty cool video on YouTube regarding the chip shortage from the late 80s where it was impossible to find super Mario bros. 2 and Zelda 2.

BrainSyphoned53d ago

Yup China decided to stop selling to all countries on the planet because of orange man bad.

BrettAwesome53d ago

Well, the chips are being made in Taiwan and south Korea

waverider53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Its a combination of factors, but Covid did a lot of damage.

InklingGirl53d ago

I'm glad I was able to find one through GameFly, I paid more but that's ok I sold the extras and made most of it back.

sourOG53d ago

Yeah the car inventories are slim pickings as well. People are selling their used cars for more than they paid for them. But when you have to buy a new car they make their money back with markups. Full ticket price and they selling out. American manufactures need to go back to American cars, at least one manufacturer lol. All mechanical guts. You don’t need a mechanic anymore, you don’t fix parts you just replace them and the computer tells you which part. It’s a good thing and a bad thing for reasons like this. Most modern cars won’t be classics like the early muscle cars. Most of them are overpriced trash.

XxINFERNUSxX53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Well if the US built plants here a few years ago I'm pretty sure the shortage wouldn't be so bad as it is now. We mostly depend on one plant which is TSMC. Good job on thinking for the future, dumb asses.

darthv7253d ago

That was on the news this morning, about how the US needs to start building their own chips here.


Yeah, but now they wake up? LOL. It's their job to think towards the future yet they failed, almost always.

InklingGirl53d ago

You can blame the Democrats for that especially Joe Biden, he was for the opening of China and sending manufacturing there and others many years ago. They threw the country and the citizens under the bus then and are continuing it today.

The only difference is it may be to late to fix it and if the USA falls so does the rest of the world.

dcbronco53d ago

Inkling I'm always surprised to see that there are still people who believe politicians make the decisions. Nobody forces American executives to be so greedy. They talk to their political friends and get what they want. They choose to have things made in the cheapest place they can. But the best thing is the way they have underpaid Americans pay their way.

sourOG53d ago

Not just chips we don’t even make our own masks and PPE, it’s such a pathetic joke. America is a shell of its former self, we went from a manufacturing society to a consumer society.

InklingGirl53d ago

Yep, and with the minds set of the civilians it may never go back to what it was.

sourOG53d ago

No may. That shit is over lol. It was probably over way before any of us realized.

Minute Man 72153d ago

In the 80s it was "Made in America" 90s started the export of our manufacturing base