Valve Needs Its Own Game Pass for Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is impressive, but it could be made even more of a "must-buy" if it were to include Valve's take on the Xbox Game Pass model.

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anast56d ago

Subservices are not ideal,

_SilverHawk_56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

Gamepass is rubbish and is needed for Xbox because a lot of people don't want to buy Xbox games. It's not something that is needed when gamers are willing to buy quality games. Xbox consoles are always on sale and Microsoft have been giving away multiple games at massive discounts for years to try to stay relevant. Steam doesn't need to give games away for free because it's current platform is very successful

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crazyCoconuts56d ago

@Deity - yes, any day PlayStation will release their version of "GamePass"... any day Now

Rude-ro56d ago

Big difference in having a subscription service, of which Sony already has by the way, and being your star of your offerings.
Microsoft is like your Redbox’s and Sony is like your Disney+…
You know.: Microsoft mainly offers basically what everyone has while Sony still has the amusement parks, movies, tv shows etc..

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TheRealTedCruz55d ago

Gamepass is the best gaming subscription on the market, and gets quality titles added to it on the regular.

You're just a MS hater lol. They're far from irrelevant in the gaming market; Gamepass or no gamepass.

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buffig55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@deitylink Sony said they'd reveal their response to gamepass, not their own version of gamepass. That response could be any number of things to make their value proposition more compelling. It doesnt mean that theyre automatically going to release a competing subscription service. PS Now may not be as objectively good value as gamepass, but it already represents good value and is a decent subscription based service.

anast55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

@Ted It still doesn't mean that subservices are ideal. To me, ideal would be you buy the game, then you play it on or offline, even more ideal would be DRM free.

I know I am in the minority here but Steam is my least desired platform for PC gaming. Sometimes I am forced to use it, but never by choice. So an extra subservice on a DRM machine, is double no for me. I am curious to see how long the Deck will be around, though.

Zeref55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Did Microsoft shit in your cereal or something?

Plenty of people buy Xbox games as is evident from steam sales, Xbox games are regularly in the top 10.

Army_of_Darkness55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

Lets be honest here, if MS didn't offer gamepass, there would be no point in purchasing a series s/x to begin with. This gamepass is just to create the illusion that they have plenty of games for you to play when in fact they have nothing new to offer but backwards compatibility.

On a side note, steam deck doesn't need a gamepass offering. anyone that has a steam account already has games to play on it, plus the sales that happen often are great.

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neutralgamer199255d ago

I don't think every platform needs a service like game pass, why can't they all just do their own thing and be successful at it?


Sure let me know when Sony puts their Blockbuster games on a service day one for 10 bucks a month


So I'm guessing you were not here when Xbox 360 was leading the market. The biggest install base always have more fans what is so complicated about it. PlayStation has more than twice then install base of Xbox so they will have more gamers active on gaming sites and social media. And this narrative that PlayStation runs this side or that side and they dictate that's just absurd. Because over the past three to six months PlayStation has received a lot of negative attention and articles on this side alone so we need to stop with this narrative that Xbox fans are being trashed or held back by PlayStation fans


You forgot to add in your opinion because that is not a factual statement.

TheRealTedCruz55d ago (Edited 55d ago )

"You forgot to add in your opinion because that is not a factual"

I'm pretty sure if you surveyed the average gamer, they'd say that Gamepass offers the most bang for your buck.

My opinion is that Humble is the next in line.

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marvygarvy40855d ago

Speak for yourself bud. I would gladly for all access to the Steam Library, I would gladly pay a subscription fee. Heck I would even pay a subscription fee for %50 access to the Steam library. I don't think you understand how big of a library Steam has. Steam has over 50,000 games in it's library spanning multiple generations. No other store can even come close!!!

BrainSyphoned56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

I'll take Valve's model of free connectivity and ridiculous sales. Or load in Epic who give away games free with no strings attached (besides feeling dirty inside). Take your money from a year of game pass, wait for a sale and go ham without worrying about subscriptions gating your solo play or online gaming. You will soon have a multiple lifetime backlog of games for less than a couple Xbox/PS+ sub years. Oh and play ES6 and Starfield day one because Steam has Xbox games (and Sony games)

Darkborn55d ago

Some Sony games, but I agree with the rest. Steam has a ton of games and the best sales multiple times a year for sure.

marvygarvy40855d ago

You gotta admit though. A subscription service to access thousands of games on Steam would be major. I think if Steam came out with a subscription service it potentially kill Gamepass on PC. Their are thousands upon thousands of more games on Steam compared to Gamepass.

luckytrouble56d ago

What is with all these god awful articles trying so hard to downplay the Steam Deck? It's a portable PC that prioritizes access to the best library of digital games on the internet. It doesn't need additional hardware gimmicks, predatory game subscription models, or any other garbage.

crazyCoconuts56d ago

I wonder whether half of them are written by actual gamers

Vengeance113856d ago

Newsflash! The Gamepass model is NOT the future. Even on a pure business standpoint it's a poor decision.

TheEnigma31355d ago

Nah keep it open like it is. There are too many subscription services as it is, and Steam always has crazy deals.

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