Do you listen to dialogue, or read it and skip ahead?

PC Gamer writes, "Sometimes you're impatient to get to the next bit, or don't actually want to hear someone put emphasis in all the wrong places. Maybe it makes you feel bad, but it's tempting to just click or spacebar your way through."

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Orchard61d ago

It really depends on the game. In some games the dialogue is essential, in others it’s totally skippable.

GoodGuy0961d ago (Edited 61d ago )

If Im engaged in the story and its interesting then yes.

TheDoomedGuy61d ago

I tend to skip over side quest dialogue no matter what game i play.
With MMOs i just skim through the text.
With single player linear games i don't skip anything

The problem I tend to find with some dialogue is that it's uninteresting. When you talk to the bartender and he tells you he has a rat problem in the kinda already know what the deal is so you kinda lose interest in what he has to say since you already know what he'll say more or less.

Now if that same bartender told you he had Like a vampire club in the basement then it would keep me engaged.

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Outlawzz60d ago

I read it first, and then listen to the delivery. If voice acting isn't very good, I'll usually just read the dialogue and move on and occasionally listen to it for the key points.

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