Dr. Awesome Goes Under Our Knife

We put Dr. Awesome under our knife and see what really is inside of this iPhone game.

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bgrundman3628d ago

I loved Trauma Center, I wonder how good a iPhone version would be?

CrAppleton3628d ago

Right.. Trauma Center was bad ass.. I'd like to check this one out too

bgrundman3628d ago

Dr Awesome is a rather modest title, don't you agree?

bgrundman3628d ago

If you had fat fingers it would be extremely hard to have the pinpoint control needed to play a Trauma Center-like game. Sausage fingers need not apply.

CrAppleton3628d ago

LOL.. yeah.. that's true.. Man that would suck

bgrundman3628d ago

Are there any other good iPhone games that have finally figured out how to do touch controls that are precise enough to have a high quality experience?

roblef3628d ago

The graphics look a little Spore:Origins to me. Anyone else see that? Cool review!

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