The Switch's Growing Third Party Problem

VGChartz's Thomas Froehlicher: "The Switch is starting to look very much comparable to the Wii. Both were smashing sales successes that gave rise to a lot of enthusiasm at first, but eventually resulted in disillusioned third parties, new release drought, and a demoralized fanbase. From my perspective Nintendo seems to be repeating the same mistakes it made in the middle of the Wii era, by being technology-adverse, persisting with outdated hardware, and failing to capitalise on incredible sales figures by building up third party relations and ensuring a steady stream of AAA software support.

Despite initially dominating the Xbox 360 and PS3, the Wii collapsed around five years after its debut, when both third parties and the casual audience moved on. It got an original Metroid game at around the same time that this happened; is this a sign that, as they say in SoulCalibur, history is eternally retold? Considering the respective momentum of both systems at the same period in time, I don't see the Switch declining so quickly, but third parties might not be prepared to wait around to find out."

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brewin558d ago

I definitely agree they will be hitting that proverbial wall fairly soon here, if it isnt already happening. There has been a severe lack of high quality 1st and 3rd party titles already! Theres a handful sure, but nowhere near the level of quality from the first 2 years. They relied too much on Wii U ports the last year or so, and the pipeline isnt looking incredible by any stretch.

They really messed up by not announcing a real upgraded model, instead giving us this incremental OLED upgrade that no one asked for and that did nothing to the guts of the system. They really needed a system that could at least run some of the new generation games, even if at a lower quality. Even something as powerful as the PS4 and theyd at least get the big time 3rd party games. Im fully expecting the support from most publishers to fall off a cliff relatively soon here.

The Switch cannot survive on indies and vast amounts of shovelware, the Wii proved that already. Unfortunately, it looks like Nintendon't is back to doing its thing, cuz Nintendo wouldnt let this stuff happen all over again! But hey, at least we're getting a new Metroid!

Outlawzz558d ago

There's good games coming out this year still. Next year I'm not so sure. I plan to supplement it with a steamdeck though by that time hopefully lol

Nintendo is always working on games and their directs have switched over to focusing on games within the near future so who knows wt they have in store for the next 1-2 years

masterfox558d ago

Freakin finally somebody seeing the shovelware that is being created for a while now for the Switch, exactly like the Wii, the thing is just selling cause imo is a fad, cause if you look closely the quality of their games is below average imo.

tehpees3558d ago

I honestly do not see a new Switch getting AAA support like this one did. I will explain why.

PS4 and Xbox One (the base models) were never a full generational leap. They were underpowered 2013 consoles and were never as far ahead of the HD era as people made out. PS5 and Xbox Series are full generational leaps so I imagine a new Switch trying to keep up with them would be like PSP trying to keep up with 360 and PS3.

It can't because the default platform is a full generation ahead. PS4 (the base model) was not.

Sciurus_vulgaris558d ago

Nintendo ever since the N64 has had issues with 3rd party. A variable combo of either: dated hardware, storage issues, underdeveloped online, weird controllers or high licensing fees, has caused issues for 3rd parties on Nintendo consoles.

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