Yahoo Lists PS3, I Phone and Microsoft Zune among "Top 10 Most Overhyped Tech Products"

Blogs gush about them. PR campaigns blow millions on them. News anchors announce their arrival like they're members of state. And the rest of us suffer when they utterly fail to deliver. They're overhyped tech products, and unfortunately, we've run across quite a few of them through the years. Here are a few of our favorites… or at least, the ones we most bitterly remember."

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iMad3601d ago

It has tons build-in software previosly i paid for. And it looks good runs well.

Darkseider3601d ago

You sure you aren't running Linux? :)

ruibing3601d ago

If you are the type to pay for internet browser, notepad, clock, calculator, paint, and windows update...

lokiroo4203601d ago

Hmmm, wonder if the yahoo and MS buyout has anything to do with this ignorant propaganda?

kwicksandz3601d ago

Well since the MS bid for yahoo failed.

Might i suggest your post is ignorant sony fanboy propaganda?

LethalToxins3600d ago

Lol @ Kwik
That cracked me up. Bubbles. Not every negative post about Sony means they company is owned by MS. Some people just don't realize that. Then again, not every post about Sony/MS really means a damn bit of anything. It's just an opinion, ya know?

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Darkseider3601d ago

Not bad. The ones I say the author is off on is the iPhone, PS3 and OLPC. The OLPC in particular was a huge catalyst for the $299 - $399 netbook market that's emerging now.

MaximusPrime3601d ago

PS3 overhyped? I never knew that. Xbox 360 is the worst overhyped product.

released a year before PS3 and yet 33% RRoD

Shnazzyone3601d ago

though the difference between the PS3 and the 360 is that the 360 delivered on quality titles. PS3 not so much. I can still count the number of worthwhile games on ps3 on my fingers (and I think there's still two fingers free to type)

TrooGamer3601d ago

''I can still count the number of worthwhile games on ps3 on my fingers (and I think there's still two fingers free to type)''

In your opinion...

DiabloRising3601d ago

That's interesting. I can count the number of worthwhile 360 titles that I cannot get on the PC or PS3 on one hand.

Please, comments like this are so 2006.

Danja3601d ago

are u serious ?

this isn't 2007 anymore dude , there's so much great games on the PS3 to even begin to list..

so either ur just being a lil fanboyish or you dont own a PS3..

candystop3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

No it's called the truth so quit spinning it. The only thing good about PS3 is KZ2 if it lives up to the hype and God of War 3 if they actually make it good gameplay this time around and not just graphics and story. 360 is where it's at and has deserved every ounce of hype it's recieved because it always delivers.

Edit below nipgrip: Actually those are also must have games on 360 simply because they look better, run better, and can be experienced the best way on LIve. Oh and 360 actually has more variety then PS3 with more RPG, rts, arcade title, netflix features, and community games. Those games you mentioned hold nothing against the slaughtering 360 has been doing on ps3 software. We have more games and better services period. You can keep showing games and claiming stuff but we all know the truth and soon you will too after years of denial.

NipGrip3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Funny.. As I can count the "must have" 360 games on 3 fingers.


That's it. Everything else (Rock Band, CoD4, Burnout, GH, etc) is on both platforms.

Candystop, you forgot about:

Gran Turismo
Uncharted (1 and now 2)
Ratchet and Clank
Metal Gear Solid (uh, hello?)
Wipeout HD
Little Big Planet
Resistance 2

Variety man, variety. 360 is nothing but a system that caters to games with guys with guns. And now it's trying the casual route, haha.. Good luck with that. That system has a problem deciding what it wants to be. Hardcore or casual?

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Jager3601d ago (Edited 3601d ago )

Yahoo, good job... wheres Vista on there?

Harry1903601d ago

heard of the PS2 back in the days...and how it ended.

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