The Coalition - Character Rendering Test on Unreal Engine 5

The Coalition share a real-time character rendering test on Xbox Series X and their first bits of discovery on what’s possible with next-gen character creation using Unreal Engine 5. This demo was showcased at GDC21.

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alb189959d ago

I just imagine Hell Blade 2.....uffff!

Obscure_Observer59d ago

Is gonna be incredible! I can´t wait.

LordoftheCritics59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Gears 5 has the most detailed and accessible graphics settings in a video game ever.

Coalition have been working with Unreal engine for some time.

4Sh0w59d ago

Honestly I've been seeing incredible tech renders for over 10 yrs at least close to this= impressive but Im NOT truly excited until I see the tech running in FULL RELEASED GAMES, no downgrades.

itsmebryan58d ago

This looks great. Remember when people for some reason believed UE5 would only run on PS5. I wonder where they got that information from?🤔 smh

camel_toad59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I wish I could go back in time and show stuff like this to the 80's kid me so I would slap adult me and call myself a damn liar.

Obscure_Observer59d ago

The Coalition is on a whole new level!

Their new IP is gonna set the graphical standards to a new high.

RaidenBlack59d ago

The thing is, UE5 has all the resources available by default on the SDK and extra textures and meshes can obtained from the marketplace. So creating a realistic environment and characters can be done by most UE5 user/studio.
Bend Studios with Days Gone and Coalition with Hivebusters already showcased what they can do with UE4.
With UE5 those two studios will surely wow gamers again, as well as Ninja Thoery.
And also other 3rd party studios for that matter. (Respawn, GSC etc.)

59d ago
Atticus_finch59d ago

Bash Days gone is graphically superior to Gears of war. Gears stands out because of its colorful, saturated look but it is nothing especial.

RaidenBlack59d ago

@ above two ^^
Both games are available on PC. You guys can easily compare and judge.

Obscure_Observer59d ago


"Bash Days gone is graphically superior to Gears of war. Gears stands out because of its colorful, saturated look but it is nothing especial."

Lol. You´re full of sh!t.

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neomahi59d ago

Doubt it. No Microsoft studio posses such talent, especially under Microsoft. Microsoft cant create anything, only mimic, they lack any creative or innovative gene in Microsofts DNA, they all opperate according to "The Ballmer Effect".

RaidenBlack59d ago

"No Microsoft studio posses such talent" ~ you sure you're not tipsy today, lad?
Maybe MS has few studios with really good talent (if you follow the game industry unbiasedly) but I wouldn't say MS has no studios with such talent.

Eonjay59d ago

look at RaidenBlack's PC Comparison videos.

Days gone clearly is superior in terms of realism and detail, but this may just be an artistic choice.

JackBNimble58d ago (Edited 58d ago )

Did they explode ?

Sayai jin59d ago

The Coaltion and Unreal Engine 5...whatever they are working on is going look astounding.

Spenok59d ago

I wonder how likely it is the fidelity and realism this character portrays will be doable in game. Especially since they put that disclaimer front and center that "This does not represent a game product."

Almost leads me to believe it's them just putting everything they can into a character render with nothing else around it.

But at the same time, games like TLOU2 looks astounding, but that was last gen, and this is designed for current gen.

Here's hoping it's possible.

Abbott12359d ago

I think that was to tell fans to not look too much into who the character is and is simply a tech demo. Might be wrong but that’s the way I took it.

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