Monthly Summary - Playstation 5 in Japan Japan takes a look at the past month for the Playstation 5 in Japan, how the console differs from previous Sony consoles in Japan and how its sales compare to previous Japanese made consoles in the region.

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Terry_B59d ago

Does it really matter anymore?

Sonic-and-Crash59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

yes it matters ..and matter a lot

imo Sony lost it in Japan since misguided by managers in order to succeed in US started to make deals like COD with Activison (never a quality franchise) and focus on games like LoUs 2, Uncharted, Killzone (aka photorealistic western shooter-culture centric games....

these games DONT sell in Japan this is an undeniable fact .......and Nintendo steppping on their unmistakable super-quality made-in-japan fun games strategy took advantage and control of japan market

When Sony doesnt listen the western managers succeeded in Japan (Days Gone even with its problems, Ghost of Tsushima , Monster Hunter World)

Sony succeeded in previous generations of Playstation because offered variety in every field having its core the japanse industry ...i dont know what they thinking now but " Astrobot "direction shows steps on right direction

Sony must quit the logic of sontinuing the Uncharted , Gow , Last of Us Killzone ....these games sold well in a difficult time of PS3 because had problems with third party developping its games must forget these IPs and create new deals with japanese third part devs to create with their specific identity games that appeal to japanese market and offcousrse in west ...

Lightning7759d ago

If that's the case Sony needs to use that supply in other country's if that's the case. We could use more here in the U.S. Even in Europe as well. Switch and handhelds is solely what they're interested over there.

RavenTears59d ago

If PlayStation want to make money in Japan, PS need to create another portable console or start making good mobile games.

XiNatsuDragnel59d ago

Facts we need a switch portable device

anast59d ago

In other news, I heard Xbox crushed the PS5 between 5th and 6th street among 3 houses that had a one car garages and small sedans. " One house had a series S, the other an SX and one house with a PS5, but all 3 had a Nintendo Switch.

Orchard59d ago

It's Switch that is crushing them... not Xbox... Xbox has similar problems in Japan.

russo12159d ago

Similar problems? Xbox is inexistent in Japan.

Orchard58d ago

Both are being crushed by Switch which completely dominates the region. Ergo they have similar problems.

brewin59d ago

Is it any surprise that such a hulking console is not a popular item in Japan? The Switch has the perfect form factor for smaller entertainment centers. You can hide the dock pretty much anywhere. The ps5 is just this massive looking device that doesnt really fit well into any entertainment area. Thats why I fully expect a PS5 Slim sooner rather than later.