COD Warzone Free Tier Skips Now Available for Free for PlayStation Gamers

Those playing Call of Duty Warzone and want a little help with their Battle Pass progress, Sony is giving away 20 COD Warzone free tier skips on the PlayStation Store!

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bondsmx57d ago

I don’t have it.. and I play wayyy too much warzone.

My son doesn’t have it on his Ps5. (Who plays a ton of warzone also

My best friend checked also and he doesn’t have it. (Who plays much less, but still a time or two a week)

So, I don’t know who is getting it?

demonseye56d ago

I had the option to take it. but already finished the battlepass like ages ago.. so it's pointless. if you play way too much warzone you finished your battlepas ages ago as well.

bondsmx56d ago

Oh I finished it.

I was just saying it for reference.

The article said they thought people who frequently play warzone get it.

I do, and I didn’t get the tier skips.