How Microsoft Flight Simulator will inspire a new generation on console

— PC Invasion:

With Microsoft Flight Simulator about to release on Xbox, it’s time to take a step back and review why the new sim has been so successful.

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waverider53d ago

Its niche genre target PC gamers. Simulators arent that hyped on consoles. The word simulator is even used to say trash about games.... like some did with Death Stranding.

MetalProxy53d ago

The hype around this simulator is absurd

waverider53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

is it? really. Simulator and hype... I dont see where.... Its a very niche game. Where gamers go from point A to point B.... Really hard to sell . Thats why there arent other flight simulator on consoles. But. Simulators have gamers, like the Farming Simulator. it got tons of sequels, Even so, this is a kind of game that make casuals go out and buy a console. Only Football and Cars got that kind of appeal.

AKR53d ago

It's a "niche" genre, but a very big niche at that. If it weren't that profitable, then the series wouldn't be three decades old.

Microsoft Flight Simulator has always been a mainstay. This now coming to consoles for the first time will only serve to increase its player base.