Splitgate Launch Delayed to Aug. 2 After 2 Million Players Flood Servers

Following Splitgate's servers shutdown due to some much-needed optimization, 1047 Games has announced that the Splitgate launch has been delayed following over two million players downloading the beta!

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monkey60259d ago

I've been really enjoying it but the servers definitely have their issues. Theres times I just can't play it

excaliburps59d ago

They can't handle the load, sadly. Doubt they expected the game to even hit 1/4 of what they're seeing now tbh.

CantThinkOfAUsername59d ago

I wonder why this game found success on consoles and not PC.

Profchaos59d ago

Still only a beta so I wouldn't say it's not found success

Kaii59d ago

I played last Tuesday with cross play automatically turned on (ps5) and my first few games I played amazingly well, too well considering I've only really played Story(campaign) shooters this yr.

To fill games with bots last week was mind-boggling (to me) but then I played Saturday with cross play turned off and to certain profiles, you can't view their profile, only mute/unmute or if they were pc player you'd have the Add player option.

Fun game, but bots +awful/bland user interface is pretty meh

Iltapalanyymi59d ago

Hands up if you’ve never even heard about this game.