Dead Space is Alive, But Visceral Games is Still Dead

The Dead Space remake might have brought the franchise back, but much like all the other studios EA felled, Visceral Games itself remains dead.

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CaptainHenry91659d ago (Edited 59d ago )

Visceral games and Sledgehammer games is Striking Distance studios now and they're making the Callisto Protocol 😊

lonewolf1059d ago

Yep, looking forward to that one for sure. Just started the original DS again, still great to play now, impressive for a 13 year old game.

isarai59d ago

Exactly, which is why i rolled my eyes when EA announced this remake. Both fans and the devs behind Dead Space have been asking for a new game in the series for a long time and EA just wouldn't listen. But now that the devs have taken things into their own hands making Callisto Protocol, EA suddenly wants to show interest, so petty.

sourOG59d ago

Visceral is dead, long live visceral.

CaptainHenry91659d ago (Edited 59d ago )

I would like to see EA make a Dead Space sequel or reboot from scratch without Visceral. Now that would be interesting

sourOG59d ago

The only way I see them making a good dead space reboot is if respawn made it. Motive needs those visceral fundamentals imo. And dead space one deserves a makeover. Any team can make dead space 1 better, it’s already near perfect.

annoyedgamer59d ago

Calllisto Protocol. Dont support EA.

HeliosHex58d ago

"EA reacts to what other publishers are creating rather than striking out on its own."
Man...this really describes them perfectly. I suppose Capcom making resident evil remakes made them interested in dead space. I feel a bit guilty even purchasing this remake now. Maybe I wait for callisto protocol.