Battlefield 2042 will have persistent bans in Battlefield Portal

In Battlefield games of old, banning players in custom games didn't really work. Players who didn't follow the rules or trolled their teammates could be removed from the game by admins, but their bans would only last for as long as the server was alive.

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Community93d ago
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Ash01Live93d ago

Can't wait to get permabanned from a server because the 12 year admin got upset that I'm getting the most kills on the enemy team, and can't stand to lose a single round.

Sciurus_vulgaris93d ago

I remember many Battlefield 4 matches were the top players on the team opposing the host would constantly get kicked. I’ve even seen hosts boot teammates who were outperforming them. One time I killed a host with a power weapon and got booted, lol.

DaCajun93d ago

Same has happened to me also, unfortunately. That's the issue with servers like that. Personally you should only be able to ban from your own team not the opposing. If they're cheating put in a report and your evidence. Especially if the servers are considered ranked servers, BS to let it ban opposing side so they can pad/boost their stats.

anubusgold92d ago

No they would put the highest ranked players on their team lol

DaCajun93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

To be fair to the 12 year olds, I've seen plenty of adults rage and throw temper tantrums like a child, myself included on occasion. If anyone says they haven't they are more than likely lying. It just seems to be the nature of pvp shooters.

I watched a supposedly pro tournament once and they where the most unsportsmanlike competitors ever, screaming like little kids everytime someone killed their character. One even was got cheating, wtf!

Aussiesummer91d ago

The nature of pvp and soulsborne.

InUrFoxHole93d ago

Make those excuses now hacker.

ikarodemon92d ago

I dont have this problem, i play so bad that no one belive that i can hack the game to win kkkkk

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waverider93d ago

Bans are needed, because some gamers lose their minds....

D3TH_D33LR93d ago

Actual true story time: Good gaming friends dad works and owns his own cyber security company and they deal with new AI anti cheat tech. They had a meeting recently with DICE and while they didn’t hire them, they confirmed that they already have an AI anti cheat of their own that they’re developing for this game and others. AI cheats and machine learning is becoming a very big issue in the gaming community that is only going to get worse

D3TH_D33LR93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Never have I ever been banned for trolling. In fact I was only ever banned from custom servers because I was far too good and my entire squad would run laps around most of the players all game. Can’t have any actual competition in our games though. No only admin can have fun. Maybe include an option to report admin abuse while they’re at it

darefix8393d ago

I always followed the rules without trolling in previous Battlefield and got kicked 3 times a day for no good reason, banning and kicking option is far to be a solution in all games at least if your are not a hacker.

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