Games don't need to be so long -- give me the tighter, shorter experiences

Assassin's Creed shifting to a live service model concerns me because it's not addressing the series' current core issue -- bloat.

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Lore59d ago

How about a long meaty game without bloat?

Levii_9259d ago

Hahah this ! 😂 the title of the article makes it sound like every longer game is all bloat.

neutralgamer199259d ago


A lot of long AAA games are made longer by adding fetch quests. Also what is long to me a game which is 20+ hours is long. In my opinion game main story should be 15-20 hours of quality content and 10-15 of of aide content that doesn't feel filler

Really disappointing when we see publishers make the games longer simply because they know they can sell more copies. Quality over quantity any day of the week. Ubi soft games simply don't touch most are copy and paste

Profchaos59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

You can have that in something like Rdr2 which takes 8 to 10 years to make.
So you can have that but don't expect frequent releases.

Unfortunately bloat exists because publishers feel they need to put as much in a single player game as possible to avoid players trading the game in during the initial prime selling time which is the first few months.

I'd your game is a 8 hour story driven game that offers zero bloat no fetch quests for random NPCs etc the fear is that people will simply buy the pre owned discount copy

TheDoomedGuy59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

But aren't long games just as much at risk of being bought at a pre-owned discount?

May even be more likely since it's highly unlikely you'll replay such a long games content again.

porkChop59d ago

Personally I would be happy with shorter games without bloat. And by shorter I don't mean 5 hours. If a game is 100 hours, realistically only 50-60 of those hours are compelling and meaningful content.

So give me the 50-60 hour game, and don't waste time or money developing 40-50 hours of throwaway shit that you know I won't enjoy. It'll be cheaper to make, and it'll release faster.

Games currently are getting so big that fatigue is becoming a real problem for a lot of people. When it feels like you'll never be able to finish a game players get discouraged and lose interest.

spicelicka59d ago

Yes. Must every game now be an open world RPG/Semi-RPG experience now? I think we have too many open world games that are littered with grindy quests.

brewin59d ago

Thats the thing, "bloat" is such a subjective term that you cannot pinpoint what bloat actually is! Ones person bloat is another epic side quest. We get what we want out of the games we play. If hunting down koroks or other trinkets to get upgrades isnt your thing, maybe play and buy different games? There are plenty of games that dont have any of that stuff. Theres sports games, shooters, etc. Bloat, aka side content, is what makes games feel worth the money and if developers didnt include them people would complain.

Look at the remake of Mafia 1 for example. This big open world, with no side content. There was no bloat, it was just all story missions. And people complained that this huge open world was wasted. What would Spider Man, GTA, AC, and ALL those other games be like without the "bloat" that that youre talking about?!

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anast59d ago

Snail news day. There are a ton of short games, so not every game has that design phil. 60% completion rate is not bad for Last of Us part 2. And UBI is a s"#$% company, they are easy to pick on, I know I do it every chance I get.

neutralgamer199259d ago

Ubi deserve a lot more than they get. Gamers focus on EA and Activision but ubi are way worst because they found way to include MT in single player games

mkis00759d ago

Made Immortals FR a bore for me to be honest, without the currency bloat I think there is an excellent game there.

anast59d ago (Edited 59d ago )

UBI is a part of the EA squad. UBI gets a pass for having 4 different version of a game, live service MTs and "copy pasting" content, but when others do it, they are they devil.

GoodGuy0959d ago

Just needs to be quality after quality. No boring, pointless, and forced filler. Gow 2018 was a great example and managed to be well lengthed too.

neutralgamer199259d ago

Couldn't agree more. Make the game fun to play with quality content and gamers will want to check it out. Instead of making the games 50 hours with a lot of filled content and forcing gamers to play that content or buy xp boosters

potedude58d ago

I recently played What remains of Edith Finch, which is 2 hours max, and it was incredible! But my favourite game of all time is The Witcher 3 which I've sunk huge hours into.

Both games were different lengths and both were amazing quality - no filler. You are completely correct.

masterfox59d ago

Next game article:

"Games don't need to be so short -- give me the wider, bigger experiences"

You will never gonna please them, if the game needs to be bigger good , if the game needs to be shorter good too, it just depends what type of game is going to be created, length of a game doesn't depend of some people that need to be pleased, hell with them , it depends of the premise of the game, seriously there are some people outhere that consider themselves furballs, cats, zebras, binarypolymatrix or dogs, so don't take them seriously and just go for the main premise of the game project. :D :D

Jericho133759d ago

Depends on the game though doesn’t it. There is a place for both.

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