Garry's Mod Successor S&box Enters Open Beta Next Week

If you love Garry's Mod, then you're in luck. Garry's Mod spiritual successor S&box  (yes, it's pronounced "sandbox") enters open beta next week.

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demonseye54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

following up on G-mod seems risky. I love the game and have amazing memories of it. to fill in these shoes with a sequel won't be easy. because the game has to do everything the previous game did and more. Because the G-mod fanbase is not an easy crowd. personally don't like the style they used but who knows might be an amazing sequel.

Fntastic54d ago

It will be way better than Gmod, the graphics/physics alone seem to be much better.

demonseye53d ago

I mean if the graphics and physics weren't better than a 15-year-old game they should be ashamed especially considering G-mod comes from a game that really introduced amazing physics in the gaming world don't know if they were the first but they were the first that did it amazing, so 15 years later it should go without saying it has to be better. and the devs say it will surpass g-mod so improving physics and graphics is just the bare minimum they have to achieve. the biggest thing they need to do is have a good community like G-mod. because without a creative community, it won't go far. i wish them the best because if they deliver ill be playing this game nonstop.

Fntastic54d ago

Can't wait for this. This is gonna be extreme fun when we have zombie survival, prop hunt and all the other fun modes that made Gmod great. This is #1 on my list, B4B is #2 and may go off my list if the upcoming beta is meh.

My PC is ready to slay Source 2, bring on the amazing multiplayer.