Mortal Kombat 11 Sells More Than 12 Million Copies Worldwide

12 Million units got sold worldwide and still growing.

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Adnanilyas2156d ago

Such a good game. So happy this game came to the Nintendo Switch

P_Bomb56d ago

Holy guacamole! Well, I did my part ;)

solideagle56d ago (Edited 56d ago )

yeah, these are huge numbers compared to any other fighting game except smash.

Tekken 7 did 7 million.
Arcworks games don't do huge numbers.
SFV did 5 millions

I hope fighting games have good models for tournaments, so it can have big numbers. I think they should add cosmetic transactions and have season/battle passes for cosmetics like Dota 2 and money goes in tournament pool.

MetroidFREAK2156d ago

Is it bad I played this on Switch? Lol I never did play online though. I was barely better than some of the AI 😅 I'm glad the game did well regardless.

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